Monday, 14 May 2012

My week in pictures #1

From Top Left: Ilkley road bridge, The Fair, The River Wharfe, Jade, My face, Gone mad with the nail polish again, Before a night out, Pre-drinking la pink cava on my own, Becca and me, birthday cake! My outfit, Giant mushroom pizza (best drunk food ever), The morning after, Hangover brunch, The baby Blackbird I fell in love with.

Obviously everyone and their nan are doing one of these in the blogosphere, but I think it's a really sweet idea and is an easy way to share what you have been doing with your time, and it makes me feel better that someone out there might actually be fooled by this and may actually believe that for the past week I have actually had some sort of life outside of politics text books and cleaning.
Which brings me onto my next point, I am pretty sure every student blogger you follow has done the exact same thing every year since their established internet existence but, hell, I am going to say it anyway; I am sorry for the lack of posting but exam season is upon us and we all know that means dry shampoo, shit food, leggings, break-outs, lack of sleep and a body/mind on the verge of complete breakdown, and so, unfortunately, blogging takes the back seat for now. The good news is I will be out of the loathsome black hole that is exams on the 22nd of May, which also concludes my having to do anything for 10 weeks (FREEDOMMMM) and so blogging will be my primary purpose.

Hope all of you who are doing exams at the moment are staying sane! Good luck!

Lots of love, from the vortex of doom (a.k.a. non-stop revision),

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