Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rest my Chemistry

Skirt: £12, Primark Vest: £3.99, H&M Belt: £1.50(?), Primark Jacket: £15, H&M Fake fur thing: Vintage, (Price unknown as it's my sisters)

I am having to take extreme haste in this post, as I have about six thousand (that’s my rough estimate) things to do & the night is ageing at such a rapid pace that which each glance at the time my heart just about stops.

Unfortunately, my exhaustion has not been vanquished by the weekend, it has but taken on a more ridiculous form. I have been sleeping on the train, I have been sleeping when I got home; I have been sleeping at all times that my eyes are allowed a brief rest, except at night! It is not that I do not try, or even that I can’t, it is my ‘other (not better) half’ and his new toy- a 40” HD tv. He has moved his Playstation into the bedroom and has decided that sleep is not of great importance. It’s slowly killing me, I swear.

I took these pictures on Monday, and what with all my sleeping, I just haven’t found the time to post them, and it’s increasingly pissing me off because the weather is gorgeous and even when I get home at half 5 the sun is still glorious and pictures would be easy, so I thought I’ll just post them & get it over with. (And now to totally contradict my seeming enjoyment of the said weather...)

Ah the Weather. I think talking of the weather is one, if not the most mundane topics of conversation, however, I am going to have to at least make a brief comment on it: I hate it. I am sorry my dear England, but giving us 3 days of sun at the very cliff of September is not a sufficient apology for such a hideous summer. We’re not prepared for such weather, and I despise you. That’s all I have (time) to say on the matter. Oh, and a warning: don’t wear thick woollen tights. You will regret it (seriously I thought my legs were going to combust suddenly and engulf me in flames).

Hmm what else to say... I’m hoping to get my hair done this week by my friend Vicky, she works at Saks and does my hair for free (she won’t touch it with bleach though; as she is convinced it will all fall out. Even though she has over 5 years of hairdressing experience I am still absolutely certain that she is wrong, it's going to be a sad day when she is proved right). She always does it really nice though, and I thought (before this stupid weather) since it was getting colder I could wear it down without the worry of getting a bit too sweaty and staining all of my clothes (yes, it does happen). Hopefully it will be done this week and I can finally relinquish my top knot (oh no she didn’t).

Right, need to start work! Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine more than I am! Lurrvve you all.

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Drown Soda

Blouse: £6, Vintage, Skirt: £10, Urban Outfitters, Jumper: Boyfriends, Necklace: Same as almost every other of my outfit posts!

I. Am. So. Tired. I am not too sure why; I have no particular reason for being so- it is not as if I have actually done anything significantly exhausting today, and I had a minor lie-in yesterday (I had to take the day off to go to the Doctors). To be honest, I don't even know why I am fighting it- it would be wonderfully more simple if I just slept! But, oh no, I must not allow myself to sleep when I am tired! What an absurd notion that is! Sleeping when needing sleep? Pssht, you would think me half-human! So advanced apologies for this post; I don't know what I am going to write, I am just going to write, and whatever my fingers conjure will be posted, 'cos I really cannot be dealing with pissing about on here making sure I sound as sane as possible. I'm also getting really irritated because I made a lil' playlist before put it on shuffle, and it supposedly has 4 hours worth of songs on it, but I swear it's just repeating the same sequence. The computer must be about 2 meters away, but I really can't be arsed moving, so I suppose I should stop moaning about it...
Anyhow, this is what I wore to college today. I obviously couldn't be arsed ironing my skirt, you say? Correct- I avoid ironing unless it's absolutely unavoidable. I once read an interview with Fearne Cotton when I was about 11 where she said that "Ironing is a waste of life"- I instantly decided that that was the absolute truth, and have since been wearing creased clothes. I try and find clothes that don't crease easily, or hang them out to dry properly for minimal creasing; I just really hate ironing.
Kyle has attempted to ban me from wearing his clothes, but he clearly isn't trying too hard, because I've adopted this jumper and one of his chunky-knit cardigans, along with all of his T-shirts (I got pink Nail Varnish on one of his Morrissey ones, we were both distraught, but it was still quite funny & it's now almost definitely mine. Winner.) The way I see it is, if he wanted to borrow one of my items of clothing, this skirt for example, I would welcome him to it, so he's really just cruel and unwilling to share... The skirt is one of the two things I own from Urban Outfitters, the other being a shirt I got in the same sale about two years ago. It was reduced from £30 zillion or something stupid, and it was reduced to a tenner, and I liked it, so I bought it. It pretty much goes with everything (except maybe my hair) and is my go-to alternative to one of my black skirts (I swear I used to own pants once...) and I like the shape, it's probably one of my favorite items of clothing, but I don't wear it enough (note taken: must wear more). The Blouse is fairly new, from a Vintage fair in Leeds, it was the first thing I saw that I liked when I went in there, and luckily a good two hours later when I went back to the stall it was still there (phew), and now it's in my wardrobe (still a luxury saying "wardrobe" not suitcase...). I didn't actually take the jumper off all day in college- I just put the blouse on for the collar, but when I got home and saw how it looked avec (again, French Genius here) the skirt I think with a decent bra it would actually look pretty good...
I had so much to tell you all! But my head has obviously turned to absolute shit (wouldn't surprise me if it had liquidised and is now it's contents are just a vile cocktail of Aspartame, Diet Coke and Coffee), so I will leave you with a comment about the difference in the pictures: I must have caught the right lighting in one and then truly screwed it in all of them taken after. See, it was definitely not a waste of time reading that... Right, sleep, before I wake up and there are various members of the Blogosphere waving me off to the mental hospital. I promise a more coherent post next time!


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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A song from under the floorboards...

Shirt: £1, Cow Vintage, Belt: £1.50, Primark Tights: £1.50, Discount Store Bag: £9, Primark

Behold, the worst Outfit post known to modern man! I keep forgetting to take pictures and getting home and whipping my PJs straight on, so even though this outfit is rather hideous I thought, for the sake of Blogging, I should post it anyway. I got this shirt for a mere pound in Birmingham (I love how that makes me sound so well-traveled...) on the way to Devon with my family. The Liverpool to Birmingham coach took an hour less time than scheduled so we had two hours to kill in the coach station, and my sister and I spotted a Vintage shop across the road, and I found this and somehow thought it was the greatest thing in existence and I just had to buy it. Whoever owned this was a gigantic man with an appetite for Ralph Lauren- it's the only designer thing I own, which I think is a testament to my character, really. The tights I bought yesterday because slimming tights seem to be more comfortable and actually stay up! However it wasn't until I stuck them on this morning (I got dressed at 9:30 when my train was at 9:40, really bad idea...) and ran out of the house that I realised they are obviously designed to go under midi skirts and not anything that rides well above the knees, because you can clearly see the thigh slimming bits. I didn't fret about it too much though, I figured most people would just think them bicycle shorts or strange tights. I really like them, they're so comfortable, although I did put a ladder in them before and then decided I couldn't possibly throw them away so just ripped them in other places to make it look like I meant to do it...

I am feeling less than inspired with the way I look recently- my hair has suddenly decided it wants to grow at a rapid pace for the first time in years of willing it to get longer, leaving me with 3cm roots after a mere 3 weeks of dying it. It's also getting really patchy and I can't bare to have it out until it is fixed, but I am absolutely skint and so can't do that until I have a job! Hence why it is constantly in a top knot (this is also due to my lack of time in the morning and the poor weather). I am also breaking out really badly again, and I know why it is- I can't remember the last time I had a liquid that wasn't diet coke or coffee (or wine). Must. Drink. More. Water. I've also been eating copious amounts of food, none of which is good for me, and sleeping very little. All are contributing to my feeling of heightened disillusionment with how I look.

I would usually go on now about money, and my having none, but it is depressing me and panicking me so much that I can't even bring myself to write about it.

College is going well; I spent all of last night writing a play for history, I went a little too far and after watching all of the other groups in the class perform their un-thought-out pieces of shit, my over-dramatised and elaborate script ended up looking rather idiotic, but all was not lost, as my Tutor asked for a copy and congratulated me on my writing skillz. The further into education I get, the more I start to realise that History is the subject that I have always enjoyed far more than any of the others, even English. I wish there was more you could do with it than teach it or be an archaeologist...

And with that, I am off to put on my PJs and watch Made in Chelsea. Hope everyone is well! Love,

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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sing me to Sleep

TOP: £4, Primark SKIRT: £24, American Apparel BLAZER: Vintage (Sisters) NECKLACE: Primark, £2.50
I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I am. I started Leeds City College this week, restarting my AS levels (Note I am restarting, not resitting, I was never failing last year, I just dropped out of college). It is lovely to be back in education, but it's been that long since I have done a full week of it that I am finding it rather difficult. Also, I am having to get up between 6.30 and 7 every morning, now, to most of civilization this is quite normal, but to me, well, I have never done it in my life. I successfully got through school turning up when I liked (which wasn't mornings) and was able to help create my timetable last year & made it so I only had minimum early starts (which again, I excelled in avoiding). The largest difference this time around is that all my previous places of education have been within a 15 minute proximity, but oh no, my train is at 8:05 to go to college, and then it is a 15 minute walk from the station, so it takes a good hour to get there (sometimes more when I get lost- I really don't know Leeds at all). I am finding it all very unfamiliar, and it's quite threatening.

The classes so far have consisted of awkward "ice-breakers" (they don't work, lets be honest, the only thing that works about them is that you end up talking to the rest of the class about how fucking ridiculous the concept of 'Ice-breakers' are) and some insultingly basic subject introductions (yes, I am aware of the political spectrum and where each party lies on it thank you Mr Politics Tutor). I have heard some excellently moronic comments though, so I thought I'd share them with you all.
On English (we're doing Jayne Eyre): "My English teacher asked us all what the last book we read was, and I said I haven't read a book, and he said why, I mean, I don't like reading, why did he even care"
Tutor- "so what have we learnt about Jayne Eyre so far" (my English tutor is forcing one of the many film adaptions upon us) Student- "she's a really good singer" (he was being serious) On Government & Politics: Tutor- "So where would Communism go in the political spectrum?" Student- "Mid Right?" On History: Student (attempting to describe Hitler as she didn't remember his name) "you know, that German one"

Seriously, I am concerned about the future of humanity...
I've just been so tired every time I come home I haven't even been able to eat properly; it's as if as soon as the key is in the door I loose a part of my consciousness! I've been living off Take always and fast food (being a student does have it's perks- hundreds of vouchers off Subway and Dominos etc.) I really can't wait to start getting properly into my courses though, especially History. My History Tutor last year was just the best thing Yorkshire's ever gave the world (except the Bronte Sisters, of course). We bonded over a mutual love of History and the fact I went to Ilkley every weekend and he was from a neighboring town, this year my History tutor (who is my favourite tutor in Leeds college by thousands of miles) and I share the fact neither of us are from Yorkshire.

Anyway, enough about college, I have to go because it's Kyle's 22nd birthday today and he's playing a gig in that goffical club again (yay...) so I am to watch him play. I am aware that this outfit is almost exactly the same as my last outfit post! (The shame). Maybe one day I will decide to wear something that isn't a black skirt with tights and a stripey black and mustard top and Primark necklaces, but I highly doubt it.

Loads of lurrrveee,

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

I Jessica Elizabeth, do solemnly swear...

Oh yes, it is time. Time for me to start imparting my judgement on the commodities they call cosmetics with all ten thousand (11) of you; or you could just say some product reviews, it’s your call.

I’m not really one to have faith in Blog reviews where the person has just purchased the product and instantly reviewed; mostly due to the fact that it’s simple psychology that we’re more than likely going to merely succumb to our previous expectations about the product from what we’ve seen or read elsewhere. If we were a little dubious about the product before hand, we’re going to find the faults; if we had read rave reviews and were excited to buy it, we’re subconsciously going to instantly enjoy its results. (This isn’t going apply if the product is extremely shit, obviously) So basically, I find that instant reviews are not really reliable- I definitely believe that in order to really get an accurate idea of how the product performs, you have to use it at least a couple of times first. But this is just me.

And so I vow that all the products I review on this blog are going to be after at least two weeks usage, unless otherwise stated (there it is in writing, and my signature is on the bottom, so consider it an informal contract).

I promise that all my reviews will be utterly unbiased and completely my own opinion and in no way influenced by any other individual or company, no matter how I come to receive the product. And I'm also going to say that if you have an opinion on a product I have reviewed, if you leave me an email or comment with it, or the link, I will try my lil' best to post them onto the original post, just because I love you all.

I personally won’t even purchase a product without reading reviews anymore and often find it difficult to part with my money when it comes to cosmetics, so I hope these reviews help at least one person. Too many companies are just churning out shit now-a-days, and we’re all too skint to filter it out from the good stuff ourselves, so hopefully the rise of beauty blogs and YouTube gurus will make companies realise that if they’re mascara’s clumpy; foundation’s cloggy and powder’s counter-productive, that someone’s gonna’ find out and post it all over the most influential media source in the world. Amen.

Unfortunately I couldn't do an outfit post today because I've been in my PJs all day trying to sort all Kyle's shit out from when he was younger (anyone who follows me on Twitter would have seen my string of abusive tweets about the said boyfriend today in a fit of anger at his total lack of consideration). I've still got to finish sorting the room and washing clothes but I am intending to follow this post, if I finish soon and don't collapse with exhaustion (I shouldn't, I have got through at least 10 cans of Diet Coke today...), with an actual review, so look out for that.
And finally, a huge thank you to all my followers and my new ones. I'm not gonna' lie, there ain't many of you, but I love you all just the same. *EDIT* And a big British hello to all those reading in the USA and mainland Europe! And obviously anyone who has a lil' read once-in-a-while.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to the Old House

Jumper- £6.99 H&M Skirt- £23 American Apparel Coat- £34.99 TK Max Shoes- £8 Primark Necklace- £2.50 Primark

Why hello there. Now we’re all settled in the house I thought I’d give doing an outfit post a whirl seeming so we actually have more than a foot of floor space here (this is beyond exciting), a window with fully-functional curtains & (brace yourselves, envy is about to overwhelm you) somewhere, other than a suitcase, to store clothes. I used to have an enormous amount of admiration for all of you who do an outfit post most days, but now I’ve experienced how quick and uncomplicated it is when you have enough space to move, that’s now predominantly gone ;)

Sincerely though, I am thoroughly overjoyed with how living here is turning out; I feel human again. I even got up at 6:30am this morning for about the second time in my whole existence (I don’t ‘do’ mornings...) and didn’t even protest once. Massive improvement.

This is what I wore to college today. I was a bit pissed off actually. Obviously you ‘re all aware that the trains are repulsively expensive at ‘peak’ times (before 9am), well I only have £160 to live on until Christmas, and I paid £7 today to get to Leeds and for what? To sit there for an hour and get handed a timetable that says I have to be in college at 9am EVERY FUCKING DAY. Now, I am able to get a half-fare pass, but that still means I am going to be spending near £18 a week on travel alone. I was fuming, and all the staff were like ‘Oh, just speak to your Personal Tutor about it on Thursday’. Now I am not renowned for my patience, and I didn’t want to wait to talk to them about it, so eventually, just by chance, I found an Angel who helped me out. She agreed that it is disgusting that they expect me to get to spend that much money on travel when I’m underage and living "independently" and was shocked to hear that they refuse to give me any additional financial support just because my Boyfriend has a job (he’s a waiter on minimum wage). I am going to have to get a Saturday job, but even if I worked a full 8 hour shift every Saturday, with the minimum wages the Government have set for my age group (£3.64- near slave labour), paying that much for travel would mean I genuinely wouldn’t be afford to eat. Anyway, this is your ~style~ blog Jessica, not your Politics one...

Regarding why I look so tired; due to the excessive rain, I have just given up with wearing mascara, eyeliner and having my hair down, so I am enjoying the freedom of being able to rub my eyes without panicking once I see half my face smudged on my hands. This is just the sort of thing I wear day-to-day. It’s simple and comfortable and warm. The skirt was the skirt I mentioned in this post, from when I fell victim to the malicious American Apparel returns policy. It’s the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever bought myself, but to be fair it was worth the money; I’ve worn it in clubs and I’ve worn it to school and no one can ever tell it’s the same one. The Coat is one of the two coats Lis and Ken bought me at the weekend. I still can’t get over how lovely they are (and why Kyle is so unlike his Dad...). The shoes were one of those where you see them, linger on them for a while, leave and then can’t rest until you buy them. For £8 I think they’re rather fetching. My jumper was an instant buy because of the price, the shop assistant said they’ve been selling out within hours of delivery because the price is so good.

So that is that. I am going to try and make my outfit posts as regular as possible, and now it’s so easy I have no excuses not to. I’m also going to do a week in pictures (and words, of course) because I have so many from my weekend away and moving house!
Love, as always.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Why don't you find out for yourself...

Dress- £12- Vintage
Necklace- £2.50- Primark
Belt- £1.50- Primark

This is what I wore to Kyle's band's (would put a link out of boyfriend "selling/pride" but I can't find one) gig on Saturday night at a pub in Leeds. It was a ~goffic~ pub where the males had on more make-up and longer hair than their female counterparts. I don't mean to sound so judgmental, I was once a wearer of that sort of ~attire~ myself, I just mean to say that I, along with my friends, looked extremely out of place; we got a few glaring "what the fuck are you doing here" glances, to say the least.

I had this dress bought for me by Kyle's lovely Dad and Step-Mum, Lis. Lis and I went to a Vintage fair on Saturday morning and they were unbelievably nice and bought me quite a lot of lovely things (including two beautiful coats). (*Insert probably empty promise of photographs of these lovely things here*). After the gig we went to Chatsworth in Derbyshire where Lis lives and works, (which I actually am going to post photographs of because it would be such a waste not to) to visit the famous Country Fair, and to see where one of my favourite 18th century aristocrats lived (Georgiana, 5th Duchess of Devonshire, the real one, not Keira Knightly).

I've had such a lovely/busy week, I've moved out, started college and been in and out of Leeds more than I can count (or afford, those train prices!). I might do a lil' post about it all with pictures, just because I feel like I am seriously neglecting this blog (and I wonder why I have hardly any followers...).

Hope everyone is doing well! Is anyone back in school/college/Uni this week?

P.S. Paint (yes I use paint, can I be bothered downloading...I mean buying ;) Photoshop, naw) went weird so all the pictures are odd, boooo. And I finally made a little signature! Not sure about my new layout though.And regarding shoes, I did take a photograph of them but I was so rushed it turned out horribly, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say they are lovely.

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