Saturday, 24 September 2011

Drown Soda

Blouse: £6, Vintage, Skirt: £10, Urban Outfitters, Jumper: Boyfriends, Necklace: Same as almost every other of my outfit posts!

I. Am. So. Tired. I am not too sure why; I have no particular reason for being so- it is not as if I have actually done anything significantly exhausting today, and I had a minor lie-in yesterday (I had to take the day off to go to the Doctors). To be honest, I don't even know why I am fighting it- it would be wonderfully more simple if I just slept! But, oh no, I must not allow myself to sleep when I am tired! What an absurd notion that is! Sleeping when needing sleep? Pssht, you would think me half-human! So advanced apologies for this post; I don't know what I am going to write, I am just going to write, and whatever my fingers conjure will be posted, 'cos I really cannot be dealing with pissing about on here making sure I sound as sane as possible. I'm also getting really irritated because I made a lil' playlist before put it on shuffle, and it supposedly has 4 hours worth of songs on it, but I swear it's just repeating the same sequence. The computer must be about 2 meters away, but I really can't be arsed moving, so I suppose I should stop moaning about it...
Anyhow, this is what I wore to college today. I obviously couldn't be arsed ironing my skirt, you say? Correct- I avoid ironing unless it's absolutely unavoidable. I once read an interview with Fearne Cotton when I was about 11 where she said that "Ironing is a waste of life"- I instantly decided that that was the absolute truth, and have since been wearing creased clothes. I try and find clothes that don't crease easily, or hang them out to dry properly for minimal creasing; I just really hate ironing.
Kyle has attempted to ban me from wearing his clothes, but he clearly isn't trying too hard, because I've adopted this jumper and one of his chunky-knit cardigans, along with all of his T-shirts (I got pink Nail Varnish on one of his Morrissey ones, we were both distraught, but it was still quite funny & it's now almost definitely mine. Winner.) The way I see it is, if he wanted to borrow one of my items of clothing, this skirt for example, I would welcome him to it, so he's really just cruel and unwilling to share... The skirt is one of the two things I own from Urban Outfitters, the other being a shirt I got in the same sale about two years ago. It was reduced from £30 zillion or something stupid, and it was reduced to a tenner, and I liked it, so I bought it. It pretty much goes with everything (except maybe my hair) and is my go-to alternative to one of my black skirts (I swear I used to own pants once...) and I like the shape, it's probably one of my favorite items of clothing, but I don't wear it enough (note taken: must wear more). The Blouse is fairly new, from a Vintage fair in Leeds, it was the first thing I saw that I liked when I went in there, and luckily a good two hours later when I went back to the stall it was still there (phew), and now it's in my wardrobe (still a luxury saying "wardrobe" not suitcase...). I didn't actually take the jumper off all day in college- I just put the blouse on for the collar, but when I got home and saw how it looked avec (again, French Genius here) the skirt I think with a decent bra it would actually look pretty good...
I had so much to tell you all! But my head has obviously turned to absolute shit (wouldn't surprise me if it had liquidised and is now it's contents are just a vile cocktail of Aspartame, Diet Coke and Coffee), so I will leave you with a comment about the difference in the pictures: I must have caught the right lighting in one and then truly screwed it in all of them taken after. See, it was definitely not a waste of time reading that... Right, sleep, before I wake up and there are various members of the Blogosphere waving me off to the mental hospital. I promise a more coherent post next time!


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  1. I love your hair - im addicted to dying my own hair but sadly, might have to dye it back to natural colour and stay off the old bleach for a bit. I love having different colour hair. x

  2. Thank youuu. Bleh bleach has destroyed my hair, it just doesn't grow anymore, but I love dying my hair too so I just can't stop! I get so bored so quickly with my hair, it's ridiculous! xxx