Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A song from under the floorboards...

Shirt: £1, Cow Vintage, Belt: £1.50, Primark Tights: £1.50, Discount Store Bag: £9, Primark

Behold, the worst Outfit post known to modern man! I keep forgetting to take pictures and getting home and whipping my PJs straight on, so even though this outfit is rather hideous I thought, for the sake of Blogging, I should post it anyway. I got this shirt for a mere pound in Birmingham (I love how that makes me sound so well-traveled...) on the way to Devon with my family. The Liverpool to Birmingham coach took an hour less time than scheduled so we had two hours to kill in the coach station, and my sister and I spotted a Vintage shop across the road, and I found this and somehow thought it was the greatest thing in existence and I just had to buy it. Whoever owned this was a gigantic man with an appetite for Ralph Lauren- it's the only designer thing I own, which I think is a testament to my character, really. The tights I bought yesterday because slimming tights seem to be more comfortable and actually stay up! However it wasn't until I stuck them on this morning (I got dressed at 9:30 when my train was at 9:40, really bad idea...) and ran out of the house that I realised they are obviously designed to go under midi skirts and not anything that rides well above the knees, because you can clearly see the thigh slimming bits. I didn't fret about it too much though, I figured most people would just think them bicycle shorts or strange tights. I really like them, they're so comfortable, although I did put a ladder in them before and then decided I couldn't possibly throw them away so just ripped them in other places to make it look like I meant to do it...

I am feeling less than inspired with the way I look recently- my hair has suddenly decided it wants to grow at a rapid pace for the first time in years of willing it to get longer, leaving me with 3cm roots after a mere 3 weeks of dying it. It's also getting really patchy and I can't bare to have it out until it is fixed, but I am absolutely skint and so can't do that until I have a job! Hence why it is constantly in a top knot (this is also due to my lack of time in the morning and the poor weather). I am also breaking out really badly again, and I know why it is- I can't remember the last time I had a liquid that wasn't diet coke or coffee (or wine). Must. Drink. More. Water. I've also been eating copious amounts of food, none of which is good for me, and sleeping very little. All are contributing to my feeling of heightened disillusionment with how I look.

I would usually go on now about money, and my having none, but it is depressing me and panicking me so much that I can't even bring myself to write about it.

College is going well; I spent all of last night writing a play for history, I went a little too far and after watching all of the other groups in the class perform their un-thought-out pieces of shit, my over-dramatised and elaborate script ended up looking rather idiotic, but all was not lost, as my Tutor asked for a copy and congratulated me on my writing skillz. The further into education I get, the more I start to realise that History is the subject that I have always enjoyed far more than any of the others, even English. I wish there was more you could do with it than teach it or be an archaeologist...

And with that, I am off to put on my PJs and watch Made in Chelsea. Hope everyone is well! Love,

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  1. wow the red hair looks great on you! :)

    Daisy The Mandarine Girl

  2. Thank youuu! It's fading really badly, I need to dye it asap! xx