Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rest my Chemistry

Skirt: £12, Primark Vest: £3.99, H&M Belt: £1.50(?), Primark Jacket: £15, H&M Fake fur thing: Vintage, (Price unknown as it's my sisters)

I am having to take extreme haste in this post, as I have about six thousand (that’s my rough estimate) things to do & the night is ageing at such a rapid pace that which each glance at the time my heart just about stops.

Unfortunately, my exhaustion has not been vanquished by the weekend, it has but taken on a more ridiculous form. I have been sleeping on the train, I have been sleeping when I got home; I have been sleeping at all times that my eyes are allowed a brief rest, except at night! It is not that I do not try, or even that I can’t, it is my ‘other (not better) half’ and his new toy- a 40” HD tv. He has moved his Playstation into the bedroom and has decided that sleep is not of great importance. It’s slowly killing me, I swear.

I took these pictures on Monday, and what with all my sleeping, I just haven’t found the time to post them, and it’s increasingly pissing me off because the weather is gorgeous and even when I get home at half 5 the sun is still glorious and pictures would be easy, so I thought I’ll just post them & get it over with. (And now to totally contradict my seeming enjoyment of the said weather...)

Ah the Weather. I think talking of the weather is one, if not the most mundane topics of conversation, however, I am going to have to at least make a brief comment on it: I hate it. I am sorry my dear England, but giving us 3 days of sun at the very cliff of September is not a sufficient apology for such a hideous summer. We’re not prepared for such weather, and I despise you. That’s all I have (time) to say on the matter. Oh, and a warning: don’t wear thick woollen tights. You will regret it (seriously I thought my legs were going to combust suddenly and engulf me in flames).

Hmm what else to say... I’m hoping to get my hair done this week by my friend Vicky, she works at Saks and does my hair for free (she won’t touch it with bleach though; as she is convinced it will all fall out. Even though she has over 5 years of hairdressing experience I am still absolutely certain that she is wrong, it's going to be a sad day when she is proved right). She always does it really nice though, and I thought (before this stupid weather) since it was getting colder I could wear it down without the worry of getting a bit too sweaty and staining all of my clothes (yes, it does happen). Hopefully it will be done this week and I can finally relinquish my top knot (oh no she didn’t).

Right, need to start work! Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine more than I am! Lurrvve you all.

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  1. looking great as ever jessica, in love with that skirt. i wish i could suit longer skirts - i always feel really dodgy in them.

    jade. x

  2. Yeah my boyfriend is a bit of a night owl and watches film till late every night and its so hard to get to sleep! I really like the fur with your leather jacket :)

  3. looove this outfit! Your hair is amazing by the way but im sure you get that all the time.. I love the fur 'thing' wish i could pull off a maxi!xx

  4. love your hair, as always x