Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to the Old House

Jumper- £6.99 H&M Skirt- £23 American Apparel Coat- £34.99 TK Max Shoes- £8 Primark Necklace- £2.50 Primark

Why hello there. Now we’re all settled in the house I thought I’d give doing an outfit post a whirl seeming so we actually have more than a foot of floor space here (this is beyond exciting), a window with fully-functional curtains & (brace yourselves, envy is about to overwhelm you) somewhere, other than a suitcase, to store clothes. I used to have an enormous amount of admiration for all of you who do an outfit post most days, but now I’ve experienced how quick and uncomplicated it is when you have enough space to move, that’s now predominantly gone ;)

Sincerely though, I am thoroughly overjoyed with how living here is turning out; I feel human again. I even got up at 6:30am this morning for about the second time in my whole existence (I don’t ‘do’ mornings...) and didn’t even protest once. Massive improvement.

This is what I wore to college today. I was a bit pissed off actually. Obviously you ‘re all aware that the trains are repulsively expensive at ‘peak’ times (before 9am), well I only have £160 to live on until Christmas, and I paid £7 today to get to Leeds and for what? To sit there for an hour and get handed a timetable that says I have to be in college at 9am EVERY FUCKING DAY. Now, I am able to get a half-fare pass, but that still means I am going to be spending near £18 a week on travel alone. I was fuming, and all the staff were like ‘Oh, just speak to your Personal Tutor about it on Thursday’. Now I am not renowned for my patience, and I didn’t want to wait to talk to them about it, so eventually, just by chance, I found an Angel who helped me out. She agreed that it is disgusting that they expect me to get to spend that much money on travel when I’m underage and living "independently" and was shocked to hear that they refuse to give me any additional financial support just because my Boyfriend has a job (he’s a waiter on minimum wage). I am going to have to get a Saturday job, but even if I worked a full 8 hour shift every Saturday, with the minimum wages the Government have set for my age group (£3.64- near slave labour), paying that much for travel would mean I genuinely wouldn’t be afford to eat. Anyway, this is your ~style~ blog Jessica, not your Politics one...

Regarding why I look so tired; due to the excessive rain, I have just given up with wearing mascara, eyeliner and having my hair down, so I am enjoying the freedom of being able to rub my eyes without panicking once I see half my face smudged on my hands. This is just the sort of thing I wear day-to-day. It’s simple and comfortable and warm. The skirt was the skirt I mentioned in this post, from when I fell victim to the malicious American Apparel returns policy. It’s the most expensive piece of clothing I have ever bought myself, but to be fair it was worth the money; I’ve worn it in clubs and I’ve worn it to school and no one can ever tell it’s the same one. The Coat is one of the two coats Lis and Ken bought me at the weekend. I still can’t get over how lovely they are (and why Kyle is so unlike his Dad...). The shoes were one of those where you see them, linger on them for a while, leave and then can’t rest until you buy them. For £8 I think they’re rather fetching. My jumper was an instant buy because of the price, the shop assistant said they’ve been selling out within hours of delivery because the price is so good.

So that is that. I am going to try and make my outfit posts as regular as possible, and now it’s so easy I have no excuses not to. I’m also going to do a week in pictures (and words, of course) because I have so many from my weekend away and moving house!
Love, as always.

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