Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sing me to Sleep

TOP: £4, Primark SKIRT: £24, American Apparel BLAZER: Vintage (Sisters) NECKLACE: Primark, £2.50
I can't even begin to explain how exhausted I am. I started Leeds City College this week, restarting my AS levels (Note I am restarting, not resitting, I was never failing last year, I just dropped out of college). It is lovely to be back in education, but it's been that long since I have done a full week of it that I am finding it rather difficult. Also, I am having to get up between 6.30 and 7 every morning, now, to most of civilization this is quite normal, but to me, well, I have never done it in my life. I successfully got through school turning up when I liked (which wasn't mornings) and was able to help create my timetable last year & made it so I only had minimum early starts (which again, I excelled in avoiding). The largest difference this time around is that all my previous places of education have been within a 15 minute proximity, but oh no, my train is at 8:05 to go to college, and then it is a 15 minute walk from the station, so it takes a good hour to get there (sometimes more when I get lost- I really don't know Leeds at all). I am finding it all very unfamiliar, and it's quite threatening.

The classes so far have consisted of awkward "ice-breakers" (they don't work, lets be honest, the only thing that works about them is that you end up talking to the rest of the class about how fucking ridiculous the concept of 'Ice-breakers' are) and some insultingly basic subject introductions (yes, I am aware of the political spectrum and where each party lies on it thank you Mr Politics Tutor). I have heard some excellently moronic comments though, so I thought I'd share them with you all.
On English (we're doing Jayne Eyre): "My English teacher asked us all what the last book we read was, and I said I haven't read a book, and he said why, I mean, I don't like reading, why did he even care"
Tutor- "so what have we learnt about Jayne Eyre so far" (my English tutor is forcing one of the many film adaptions upon us) Student- "she's a really good singer" (he was being serious) On Government & Politics: Tutor- "So where would Communism go in the political spectrum?" Student- "Mid Right?" On History: Student (attempting to describe Hitler as she didn't remember his name) "you know, that German one"

Seriously, I am concerned about the future of humanity...
I've just been so tired every time I come home I haven't even been able to eat properly; it's as if as soon as the key is in the door I loose a part of my consciousness! I've been living off Take always and fast food (being a student does have it's perks- hundreds of vouchers off Subway and Dominos etc.) I really can't wait to start getting properly into my courses though, especially History. My History Tutor last year was just the best thing Yorkshire's ever gave the world (except the Bronte Sisters, of course). We bonded over a mutual love of History and the fact I went to Ilkley every weekend and he was from a neighboring town, this year my History tutor (who is my favourite tutor in Leeds college by thousands of miles) and I share the fact neither of us are from Yorkshire.

Anyway, enough about college, I have to go because it's Kyle's 22nd birthday today and he's playing a gig in that goffical club again (yay...) so I am to watch him play. I am aware that this outfit is almost exactly the same as my last outfit post! (The shame). Maybe one day I will decide to wear something that isn't a black skirt with tights and a stripey black and mustard top and Primark necklaces, but I highly doubt it.

Loads of lurrrveee,

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  1. Just found you on twitter via @beinglittle. Nice to find a fashion blogger that has to spend money on other things and can't just buy a pair of boots every week, so much more realistic. Also you actually write something other than where the clothes are from! Breath of fresh air...

  2. love the stripy top, anything stripy is a win in my book! hope college goes better for you this time :)