Friday, 21 September 2012


T-shirt: £3.99, H&M Belt: £3.99 (set of two), Internationale Skirt: £5, Market shop in Leeds, Stockings: £2.50, Primark Necklace: £5, H&M Shoes: £29.99, Internationale
Yo ma bros and hoes. Thought I'd do a quick post. I am going to Manchester in a couple of hours to see the boyf. I thought perhaps it would be nice to mention his name rather than just titling him "The boyfriend"- his name is George and he goes to Man met. There, now we have got those formalities out of the way, I shall continue.

I've never been to Manchester before (except a school Geography trip in year 10...), strange indeed since it's so close to Liverpool and Leeds, but being a scouser and all, I've never really felt the need to go. I remember, fondly, the shops, and almost getting hit by a tram, so that should be exciting.

I'm wearing basically the same thing as yesterday, but as I am going to see le George I have a few hidden items on underneath teehehe. Y'all know what I mean.

I always get compliments on this necklace- I got it on sale a few weeks ago and I like how it adds a bit of colour to my otherwise increasingly monotone wardrobe. I've fell in love with these shoes, lovin' all the Lita copies on the highstreet at the moment. There is no way I'd ever have considered paying the full whammy on a real pair so replicas will do me just fine thanks.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I shall see you on the other side (AKA. Monday).

Love, as always

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Death of a Party

Jacket: £39.99, Internationale T-shirt: £3.99, H&M Trousers: £7.99, H&M Necklace: £2.50, Internationale

Long time no see motherfuckers. Yes, I have returned from the flurry of post-breakup flat hunting, binge drinking and late nights. You'll be pleased to know (well I certainly hope you will be, otherwise you're just a heartless bastard) that I am now fully settled in my own flat, I have a wonderful new boyfriend (who FYI doesn't treat me like a piece of shit, score!), I am back at college and I have far, far too much time on my hands due to a unfortunate lack of funds to purchase a television.

It's been an oddly positive summer considering what happened at the beginning of it; I've met some of the most amazing people, I have gained a social life, a taste for (perhaps a little too strongly) a good night out, AAB grades in my exams, confidence and freedom from a relationship that basically considered of me waiting hand and foot on a guy who didn't appreciate me. So all and all, a nice little result there.

But we won't dwell on that too much.

All of what I am wearing are new purchases, bought with my own hard earned cash. I have been through a purse-massacring phase in the last two months where instead of going to the Launderette (my flat lacks a washing machine, or any plumbing to install one) to wash my clothes, I have just bought tons of new ones. I finally snapped out of that this week and decided, in a moment of sheer frugal genius (partially encouraged by a lack of clean underwear) to buy some travel wash and fabric conditioner and wash my clothes by hand. I bought a cheap washing line from Wilkos and hung it up in my kitchen and slowly but surely have been getting through two months worth of dirty clothes. Amazing stuff Jess. Amazing stuff.

I am desperate to share with you all my little home so that shall be my next post (when I've done some tidying, at the moment I have flooded it with college work).

So there we have it. My first post since May. Hope you have all been doing well, and that your livers haven't taken too major of a beating over summer.

Lots of love

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


A lot has happened since my last post; Kyle and I split up so I am in the middle of trying to find somewhere to live etc. etc. so blogging has been seriously low on my list of priorities. I have just been enjoying life being a single 18 year old for the first time! I have so much to tell you guys, and I am hopefully going to be in my new flat in Leeds very soon, where I can start posting again. Just thought I'd let y'all know I am still very much alive!

Lots of love

Jessica x

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Monday, 14 May 2012

My week in pictures #1

From Top Left: Ilkley road bridge, The Fair, The River Wharfe, Jade, My face, Gone mad with the nail polish again, Before a night out, Pre-drinking la pink cava on my own, Becca and me, birthday cake! My outfit, Giant mushroom pizza (best drunk food ever), The morning after, Hangover brunch, The baby Blackbird I fell in love with.

Obviously everyone and their nan are doing one of these in the blogosphere, but I think it's a really sweet idea and is an easy way to share what you have been doing with your time, and it makes me feel better that someone out there might actually be fooled by this and may actually believe that for the past week I have actually had some sort of life outside of politics text books and cleaning.
Which brings me onto my next point, I am pretty sure every student blogger you follow has done the exact same thing every year since their established internet existence but, hell, I am going to say it anyway; I am sorry for the lack of posting but exam season is upon us and we all know that means dry shampoo, shit food, leggings, break-outs, lack of sleep and a body/mind on the verge of complete breakdown, and so, unfortunately, blogging takes the back seat for now. The good news is I will be out of the loathsome black hole that is exams on the 22nd of May, which also concludes my having to do anything for 10 weeks (FREEDOMMMM) and so blogging will be my primary purpose.

Hope all of you who are doing exams at the moment are staying sane! Good luck!

Lots of love, from the vortex of doom (a.k.a. non-stop revision),

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dead Star

Dress: Hand-me-down Necklace: £4.50, Urban Outfitters, Dinosaur arm: My own

Sappinin' beautifuls? I wasn't going to post today, but I love this dress so much I had to share it with you all, so the ol' tripod got whipped out.

I've had a bit of an odd day today; as most of you will know, the Easter Holidays ended on Sunday, so yesterday I totted back to Leeds City College bright and early to once again attempt to squeeze a decent education out of it (it's harder than it sounds). I haven't seen the morning sun in weeks, and had fallen into a routine of waking up about 1pm every day, getting out of bed around 2- only for my want of a coffee and a cigarette, and then lazing about until 3am when I'd finally exhausted myself doing nothing. Rinse and repeat. Needless to say, then, that getting up at 7am on Monday morning was something I had been long dreading, but it was absolutely fine. Obviously, like any good student with a fucked up sleeping pattern, I had readily prepared myself the night before, doing my hair and laying my clothes out and having my bag packed and ready to roll, but regardless, I wasn't tired at all when I woke up. I still decided to leave a little early and get myself a coffee as a precaution. The day went ahead fine, I got myself a toasted English muffin with cheese and tomato in the train station to fill my hungry little belly that wasn't used to being awake at that hour, and to prepare myself for a good educating, when, to my annoyance, my English class had been cancelled, and I had another 5 and a half hours until my next class. I was not a happy bunny, let me tell you that. Anyway, I could have easily left all of that out, because all I really wanted to say was that I wasn't tired yesterday until about 9 when I suddenly just wiped out, and then was kept up by King Kyle until God knows what time in the morning, because he was playing Fifa and watching a documentary.

This morning however, was a completely different ball game altogether. My alarm went off at 8, and I turned it off immediately, then it went again at 8:15, and again, I turned it off, so fifteen minutes later when my 8:30 alarm went off, I was too tired to even care, and just turned it off again, without realising that I had stupidly presumed that 3 alarms would be enough to encourage me to get my arse out of bed. How very wrong I was. So I slept. And slept. I slept through two lessons! I only woke up because Kyle decided to steal the covers and irritate me until I got up to get him a Greggs "as punishment" for not going to college. Bastard. Anyway, I did get out of bed, and got showered etc. and then came back up to put my make-up on and do my hair (which consisted of spraying dry shampoo all over it, rubbing it in and then leaving it to do what it wanted), but oh no, I wasn't allowed to do that, how dare I put make-up on when Kyle needs feeding? As any good woman would do, I just did it slower and slower every time he complained. Model wife right here.

Now about the dress (seamless transition right here). I was going to wear my H&M maxi (that I wore as a skirt here) because I just wanted something comfy and light rather than my usual 4832 layers of clothes nipping me in here there and everywhere, but alas, I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd stick this one on. I have only worn it once before, a few months ago, when it was freezing and I wore it with about 6 jumpers and my shearling coat. But as it's such a nice cut, and feels so well made, I thought I'd wear it on it's own today (I did wear an American Apparel Ottoman jacket over it, but it didn't photograph well and I just looked like a big black ball). When I put it on, Kyle looked really puzzled and when I questioned his look, I got this back "that's a really nice dress...why are you wearing it to college"; his opinion was that it was "a waste" to wear to college, and that I looked too dressed up, like I was going to a funeral. Cheers babe. I don't know what his thing is about me in black maxi dresses, he usually laughs at all of my clothes, but if I stick on a black maxi he's full of compliments. He actually picked that H&M maxi out for me, when I was working (so I was absolutely skint, £3.64 has a whole new value when you've worked an hour ripping open packages of walking clothes and hanging them for it) and we had a rushed trip to the Trafford Center. Then again, he hates me wearing anything that shoes my figure/flesh...he once forebode me from leaving the house without tights, and on my 18th birthday we argued in Marks and Spencers about what level of opaque tights I should buy (he wanted me to buy the 40 denier and I wanted the 15, in the end I bought both to shut him up). Even my Dad said the 15's looked better. Then again, my Dad isn't as over-protective! (Just for the record, I wore the 15 denier ones). So perhaps he just likes me wearing maxi dresses because it's the closest thing a girl can get to being almost completely covered up (unless you're Nigella Lawson, who takes it to a whole new level...

So in the end I went to Greggs for him (and witnessed someone robbing a sandwich and getting caught. Robbing from Greggs is so desperate it deserves a mention) and felt like an utter dick wearing the dress, and partly because I did actually look like I was going to a funeral/was a massive goff, and partly felt like I should be going to a dinner party, not to buy a steak bake (I didn't actually get a steak bake, Kyle and I are both vegetarian. Fun fact #23). I came home and was so paranoid that I had decided to get changed. That was until I realised that I wasn't about to take fashion critisim off a guy who last year spent weeks searching the highstreet for some white trousers.

In the end, I am so glad I didn't take it off, as I got quite a lot of compliments on it, and even though I looked like some sort of warped cross between a Nun and a widow, it felt pretty good. I also did feel a bit 90's in it, what with the dress, sans-bra, creepers and socks- but since the 90's was the decade God's were born (main example, me), that wasn't such a bad thing. I wish the dress/I photographed better, I don't feel like these do it any justice...I'll most definitely be wearing this dress again though, and could forgive myself for posting it as another outfit post.

Ah, would you look at that, my writers block has obviously solved itself! Hurrah!

Hope you're all having a good week so far! Do post your blogs in a comment below- I am in the need of some new blogs to read at the moment and would love to take a look at yours!

Lots of hugs and kisses

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Morning

Top: £15, Mad Elizabeth Shorts: £15, Mad Elizabeth Shoes: £36, Office Belt: £1.50, Primark

Wow, it's been so long that I genuinely don't know what to write...

I suppose I just haven't really felt like blogging recently- I've been so busy it's actually sickening, I haven't even had a chance to go home (back to Liverpool); my Dad said that Jasmine (my one year old sister, she's fucking adorable) will be grade 8 in piano and getting married by the time I come up! He's probably not lying either, because I am a) too poor to afford the train fare and b) too busy with college work to spare the weekend, oh and then there's the fact that the kid's a genius...

Obviously I have managed to find the time and money to dramatically change my hair colour, but a scouse girl has got to do what a scouse girl gotta' do, and that entails doing their hair. It looks like it's got patches of orange in these photos, because I had to put the contrast up so much so that you could actually make out the outfit (why is it that on your camera screen the lighting looks fine and then when you upload them to your computer BAM dark as fuck...). I had a bit of a disaster at the hair dressers to tell you the truth, but I reckon I am going to do a video about that and how I got my hair this colour separately anyway.

You'll be (hopefully) pleased to know though that all of my hard work is paying off somewhere and I got two A's in my January exams! Getting those results when you were so convinced you were going to fail that you'd already arranged to use last years grade is a pretty amazing feeling. However, I have exams coming up next month which I am having to start preparing for, so my glee was short-lived.

I wore this outfit two days in a row to go to Nandos with Jade and then to go to see Titanic 3D with the girls (balled my eyes out, not gonna' lie). I bought it on a little shopping trip turned major splurge a few weeks ago. I had to buy the shorts because I can actually eat in them and my arse is well and truly covered, which are traits my other shorts just can't compete with, and the top I had to get because I lovvvve the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed (and no, I don't just know Satellite of Love...). I have to admit, I don't like the way it's the generic Andy Warhol 'The Velvet Underground and Nico' print, but then, what can you expect from a vintage shop? It's like asking for a Nirvana T-shirt that wasn't either just Kurt or the Nevermind cover- it ain't going to happen. The shoes, although you can't really see them, are like the love child of creepers, converse, trainers and flatforms (it was a major shoe orgy, I'll tell you that...)- I was a bit worried they'd make me look like a massive goff, but after wearing them a few times I have absolutley fallen in love with them; as I've said before, being so short and hating heels so much it's hard for me to get extra height without being in pain, and these do the job beautifully.

I have serious writers block right now so I'll leave it at that! I have some reviews drafted and ready to go, just need to photograph the products and they'll be straight out. Also, if you have Instagram (SO happy when they finally made an app for Android!) my username is sheoncewasadoll and I'd be honored to have my life in photographs plastered all over your phone.

Lots of love!

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sweet like cinnamon

Jacket: American Apparel, £29 T-shirt: Hand-me-down Trousers: Urban Outfitters, £9 Necklace: Urban Outfitters, £4.50 Ankle Boots: TopShop, £35 (gift from the Kyle)

Hey my main bitchezzz. Yes I did just greet you like that; that's just how I roll now... First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you for all of the amazing response I have got from my last post via Twitter, comments, views and speaking to people in general. I am rather overwhelmed with how many of you took your time to read it (it's my blogs most popular post by almost double!) and respond to it- and there was little me thinking no one would bother! Thank you all so very, very much!

Back to an outfit post this time I am afraid. Although I have got some exciting DIY tutorials etc. coming up so watch this space! Every single thing I am wearing today (that I purchased myself) was on sale; the jacket especially was a steal (horribly aware right now that I am wearing the brand that I spent my last post ripping apart...), as anyone who shops at American Apparel would know, their sales are shit and hardly ever come about, and when they do they're so poorly advertised that unless you happen to stroll into the shop on the very few days they are having the sale, you're not going to know about it. This jacket remained full price on the website, but for some reason the Leeds store had it half price (not complaining...). I actually just walked past it and because of my, truly crippling, outwear-hauling disease (IT'S REAL OK) I just had to try it on, and because I tried it on, I obviously had to buy it. And so that I did.

The trousers are a bit of out of comfort zone- they're clearly meant for a taller lady than me and my 5 feet and 1 inch, and they have a terrible habit of making me look even smaller (I'm talking borrower size here), but I still love them and as I don't wear/have many prints in my life these have a very special place in my wardrobe... Unfortunately, they're see-through as well, not good for anyone who doesn't want to flash their knickers to the world or catch a severe cold, but being the genius I unquestionably am, I just wear them with some three-quarter length leggings underneath and Wa La! Problem solved. Plus, £9 is a bargain.

The necklace doesn't even need explaining; it's orange and has feathers----and was £4.50. You can't argue with that.

The lipstick I am wearing (MAC Matte in 'Lady in Danger') is definitely my new favourite. My heart weakens at the very thought of red lipstick so when I saw this one for sale for an amazing £8 on this lovely lady's beautiful blog, there was no question that it had to be on my lips asap. It came through the post yesterday and I actually love it so much I slept with it on last night, much to the confusion of Kyle.

Eurgh, I put false nails on for the first time in my life on Tuesday and I have found them completely fine except for typing! They're hitting every surrounding key instead of the one I actually bloody want! Anyway, I am starving and I have my usual 1000 tonnes of washing to do so I shall leave it at that for now. Hope you're all feeling as jolly as I am and enjoying the double figured temperatures!

Chow for now.

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

American Apparel: a teenage (boys) dream.

All images belong to

Like many people, I love American Apparel- although the prices often flood my bag with the tears of my tortured debit card, the clothes themselves are worth the pain, and mostly promise to stand the test of time, of general wear-and tear and the ever-changing face of fashion.

As anyone who reads my blog would know, I am not one who enjoys spending money; even the thought of someone spending £400 on a bag triggers a flush of acid to my throat...If I can’t justify the money leaving my purse, it will stay closed. But since I trust in the quality and the versatility of American Apparel, I, most of the time, have no problem with buying from them, and have since had no regrets.

I have to make that clear before I get to the actual point of this blog post: I do shop at American Apparel and am (aside from a few unsavoury dealings with their twisted, non-existent, refund policy...) a happy customer. However, if I take money out of the equation, the reason I sometimes have reservations about buying American Apparel is their advertising.

Forget risking the embarrassing browsing history, monthly fees and the threat of saturating your computer with virus’- American Apparel adverts are teeming with young women with their tits, fanny’s and, if you’re lucky, a glimpse of pubic hair, hanging out for your pleasure; posing like they’re ready to fuck, wearing next to nothing, they look like they’ve been freshly plucked out of a LA ghetto at 15 and fed heroin to stand in front of a camera and masturbate.

Obviously I am aware that it’s just the styling, and that these girls are professional models and are probably not ex-prostitutes who just can’t get used to wearing many clothes, but they do look like they’ve just had a night of coke and rough sex and have woken up to find a pervert with a camera in their face promising them a full English if they can just get a few more shots in. (Disclaimer: this has never happened to me, so I don’t know how one actually looks after a night such as that, but if I had to guess...)

Nudity doesn’t offend me, nor does pornography, and I fully believe that sexual freedom is a thing of great importance in order to sustain/create equality and democracy. However, when I am shopping for clothes, I really don’t want some half dressed, well-oiled, barely-legal, young woman’s nipples screaming at me at the top of my screen. That doesn’t sell clothes for me.

Three guesses for what gender the people behind AA’s advertising are? For some completely unknown reason, I think it might just be the work of men. Which there is obviously nothing wrong with; I am sure there are thousands of innovative and brilliant male advertisers out there, but I think, in this case, they have completely forgotten that they’re supposed to be selling women’s clothes TO women.

Forgive me, I know it’s been said billions of times, but if the Pankhurst’s, or any one of the thousands of women who fought for our rights over centuries of male dominance, saw us letting this sort of advertising continue, I think they would have taken their picket boards and thrust it squarely in their stomachs.

This isn’t just a result of a society increasingly accepting sexual expression, this right here is simply advertisers using the women’s body to sell you their goods, and using the ‘sexual revolution’ to their own advantage, in this case, to take off more of her clothes. It’s something that advertisers have used explicitly since the 50’s—just because you live in a society where you can happily tweet “Just had the best sex of my life” without thinking, don’t think that as a woman you no longer have to fight- you do, in the same way that just because these adverts have a woman mid-thrust in a thong instead of posing with a can of soup, don’t think that these images don’t sexually exploit women. They do.

All in all, from a consumer perspective, I just don’t find it necessary to have an arse in my face when I am looking for a pair of socks, and find it a bit weird that if I show my boyfriend a skirt I like he might get an erection. It’s not empowering women, it’s not selling the clothes in any way and it’s making it difficult to browse the site in a public place without looking like an utter nympho. I'll admit that, like many of us, my boyfriend may or may not have similar photographs of me on his phone, but I didn't send him them for him to consider purchasing the shirt I may or may not have been wearing in them. If I typed in "school girl gets naughty in bedroom" I'd be extremely happy with the majority of these photos, but, alas, I didn't, and I got them anyway. So to summarise what I think of American Apparel's general advertising- it’s just fucking stupid.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Blue Jeans

T-shirt: Boyfriends Skirt: £22, American Apparel Shoes: £12, Office sale

Hola you beautiful people! This was actually what I wore on Monday, and I have been meaning to post it ever since but just haven't found the time, life got in the way, as they say.

I have had a horrible week; money issues, assessments, complete lack of motivation etc. etc. It's just been one of those weeks when absolutley everything you touch turns to absolute shit. In fact, just today, the toilet overflowed. Fucking fantastic. That's always nice.

Anyway I am not here to talk about plumbing now am I? I am here to talk about CLOTHES. And I bloody love clothes.

I love this skirt- I bought it online before Christmas. I have to say, the delivery took the actual piss but it was well worth waiting for. I have a similar one in plain black which I have worn to death and I know that shape doesn't make me look like the half-ton mum, which is not the look I am really going for, so when I saw this one on sale I thought eh why not. And I have no regrets. I am sure a lot of people would wear it as a dress or jazz it up for a night out, and I actually think it would look amazing with a pair of heels and a more formal top, but as I have excessively established on twitter I am an 18 year old who prefers baking pies to taking shots so we can abandon the idea of me going out in it completely right now (out of your mind? Good, I shall continue...)

You should have seen Kyle's face when he saw me wearing this T-shirt, it was hilarious. I've mentioned before that he absolutley hates me wearing his clothes, but I just can't help it! The way I see it is, I wash them all and fold them all up, and so I have the right to wear them ;) obviously you should all know by now I absolutley adore Moz, so the reasons for me wearing this T-shirt is pretty clear haha.

Bleh it's been such a struggle to write this post, I've been really homesick recently so my heads just everywhere. I promise my next post won't be as forcefully cheerful! Hope you've all managed to keep the smile on your beautiful faces.

EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention, I experimented a little with my tripod to see if I could get some full body shots so you can all get a good laugh at how short my ickle legs are, and I found that if I strategically balance it on my bed I can get my feet in. Let me know if you'd prefer me to take them like this all of the time or stick with the old above knee shots.
And about the shoes, they're beautiful and they were such a bargain, but they've well and truly ripped my right foot apart...

Lots of love and kisses,

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Play the Game

Rucksack: £27 Urban Outfitters, Top: £4 New Look Shorts: £25 Vintage, Coat: £30 Vintage, Tights: £3.00 (pack of two) M&S, Necklace: £1.00 Poundland (the Halloween collection, chic as fuck)

The rumours aren’t true: I am alive. MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK. I have truly missed blogging, the whole blogging community and of course, most importantly, you guys. It has been far too long. I’ve been ridiculously busy in the past few months; Christmas has come and gone (far too quickly), New Year hazed by, my birthday (oh yes, I am now an adult in the eyes of the law, which means I can post naked pictures, sorry, I’m turning this into a blog exploiting the female body, if you don’t like it I apologise but it’s already all finalised... Oh and I can vote, except I can’t really contribute directly to democracy as my vote will most likely be wasted on tactical voting, jee thanks First Past the Post, you’re the best!) and of course, the much dreaded January exams.

What do you all think of the new layout? I draw all of my blog backgrounds etc. although I get horribly impatient and so end up cutting corners on their quality, but hey, who really cares? I realised that I actually really don’t like dark backgrounds on blogs; I think in a lot of cases they look really unprofessional & claustrophobic- I’ve always had dark backgrounds, and I think a lot of it dates back to the good ol’ MySpace days! I’ve never been one for white backgrounds, but I thought, considering I am an adult (Ha!) now I have to start appreciating beiges and whites, using fluffy towels (I never want to give up my sand paper towels. Ever.) and disregarding the concept of ‘first come, first served’ at train stations.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to features, and I can’t really think of anything that hasn’t been done before regarding fashion and beauty features and I am not too comfortable with ripping off someone else’s idea so I have been umming and arring over a weekly feature which has nothing to do with either. My love and unfaltering passion for politics, current affairs and moaning is almost, if not more, important to me than clothes, in fact, the two have a very significant relationship- it’s not a coincidence that vintage has become more ‘mainstream’ in the middle of a recession. Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase: what do you think about a weekly feature that explores a particular issue? It is extremely important to me that young people like myself feel like they can relate and participate in politics and realise its enormous influence on their lives. I promise I’ll try and make it as interesting and engaging as possible, and that I’ll talk about issues important to you. It won’t always be about political affairs, it can be about how the media portrays women etc. Just let me know your thoughts, as honest as you like.

I have considered leaving Kyle to live happily ever after with that bag. I absolutely adore it. I fell in love with it’s sister earlier this month in the Urban Outfitters sale in their Liverpool store, however I was really disappointed to learn that although it was in the, clearly marked, sale section, it didn’t have a reduced price on it, and so I walked away. So last week I popped into my local Leeds store with my friend Jade to have a look around, and bought a gorgeous coat (which I shall show you, because it’s beautiful) and who was there, staring at me? The bag. And Oh God did I want it, but Jade convinced me (she has control, I really don’t) that I should leave it for now and come back another time. Obviously I went back, and saw this one for the same reduced price of £30.00- well it had to be the tie dye one, it’s just so much more interesting to look at.

We haven’t parted since I bought him. He has loads of little sections for all of my many, many un-necessary things and it fits all of my books and folders in beautifully. I have a bit of a problem with the lining of my bags ripping and sucking in important things that go un-noticed until my fingers stray into crumbs and bag debris and I finally realise there is a gaping hole, and I have also developed a nasty habit of spilling things when my bag slips down to my elbow crease and causes a levee effect, and a massive mess. So basically, it’s my perfect bag.

Just a quick note on Urban Outfitters: I have always had quite a negative view on UO due to its seemingly generic clothing and high prices but I have actually, by actually purchasing from them, grown to regret these previous ill feelings as I have realised you’re actually paying for good quality and a nice fit. Plus they do student discount on top of sale prices WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVER.

I am planning to get my £25 worth out of these shorts so I’ll post about these another day, and I’ve been clinging onto that coat for dear life since the weather has decided we can all join the fish fingers in the freezer isle so I am sure I will have the opportunity to write about Sheep in the very near future (that's his name, kind of sick for a life-long vegetarian but it lessens my guilt).

Sorry about this post being so long and disjointed, I am absolutely knackered and I am supposed to be doing coursework (priorities=well and truly warped). Hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to the New Year!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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Thursday, 19 January 2012


BLOG IS GETTING A FACELIFT AND I AM TRYING DESPERATELY TO SCRAPE THE DREGS OF MY FUTURE OFF THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD (Translation: I've lost my camera charger, I'm in the middle of exams and I'm giving my bloggy an overhaul). I'll be back very soon, Lots of love, Jessica.