Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Play the Game

Rucksack: £27 Urban Outfitters, Top: £4 New Look Shorts: £25 Vintage, Coat: £30 Vintage, Tights: £3.00 (pack of two) M&S, Necklace: £1.00 Poundland (the Halloween collection, chic as fuck)

The rumours aren’t true: I am alive. MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK. I have truly missed blogging, the whole blogging community and of course, most importantly, you guys. It has been far too long. I’ve been ridiculously busy in the past few months; Christmas has come and gone (far too quickly), New Year hazed by, my birthday (oh yes, I am now an adult in the eyes of the law, which means I can post naked pictures, sorry, I’m turning this into a blog exploiting the female body, if you don’t like it I apologise but it’s already all finalised... Oh and I can vote, except I can’t really contribute directly to democracy as my vote will most likely be wasted on tactical voting, jee thanks First Past the Post, you’re the best!) and of course, the much dreaded January exams.

What do you all think of the new layout? I draw all of my blog backgrounds etc. although I get horribly impatient and so end up cutting corners on their quality, but hey, who really cares? I realised that I actually really don’t like dark backgrounds on blogs; I think in a lot of cases they look really unprofessional & claustrophobic- I’ve always had dark backgrounds, and I think a lot of it dates back to the good ol’ MySpace days! I’ve never been one for white backgrounds, but I thought, considering I am an adult (Ha!) now I have to start appreciating beiges and whites, using fluffy towels (I never want to give up my sand paper towels. Ever.) and disregarding the concept of ‘first come, first served’ at train stations.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to features, and I can’t really think of anything that hasn’t been done before regarding fashion and beauty features and I am not too comfortable with ripping off someone else’s idea so I have been umming and arring over a weekly feature which has nothing to do with either. My love and unfaltering passion for politics, current affairs and moaning is almost, if not more, important to me than clothes, in fact, the two have a very significant relationship- it’s not a coincidence that vintage has become more ‘mainstream’ in the middle of a recession. Anyway, I’ll just cut to the chase: what do you think about a weekly feature that explores a particular issue? It is extremely important to me that young people like myself feel like they can relate and participate in politics and realise its enormous influence on their lives. I promise I’ll try and make it as interesting and engaging as possible, and that I’ll talk about issues important to you. It won’t always be about political affairs, it can be about how the media portrays women etc. Just let me know your thoughts, as honest as you like.

I have considered leaving Kyle to live happily ever after with that bag. I absolutely adore it. I fell in love with it’s sister earlier this month in the Urban Outfitters sale in their Liverpool store, however I was really disappointed to learn that although it was in the, clearly marked, sale section, it didn’t have a reduced price on it, and so I walked away. So last week I popped into my local Leeds store with my friend Jade to have a look around, and bought a gorgeous coat (which I shall show you, because it’s beautiful) and who was there, staring at me? The bag. And Oh God did I want it, but Jade convinced me (she has control, I really don’t) that I should leave it for now and come back another time. Obviously I went back, and saw this one for the same reduced price of £30.00- well it had to be the tie dye one, it’s just so much more interesting to look at.

We haven’t parted since I bought him. He has loads of little sections for all of my many, many un-necessary things and it fits all of my books and folders in beautifully. I have a bit of a problem with the lining of my bags ripping and sucking in important things that go un-noticed until my fingers stray into crumbs and bag debris and I finally realise there is a gaping hole, and I have also developed a nasty habit of spilling things when my bag slips down to my elbow crease and causes a levee effect, and a massive mess. So basically, it’s my perfect bag.

Just a quick note on Urban Outfitters: I have always had quite a negative view on UO due to its seemingly generic clothing and high prices but I have actually, by actually purchasing from them, grown to regret these previous ill feelings as I have realised you’re actually paying for good quality and a nice fit. Plus they do student discount on top of sale prices WHICH IS THE BEST THING EVER.

I am planning to get my £25 worth out of these shorts so I’ll post about these another day, and I’ve been clinging onto that coat for dear life since the weather has decided we can all join the fish fingers in the freezer isle so I am sure I will have the opportunity to write about Sheep in the very near future (that's his name, kind of sick for a life-long vegetarian but it lessens my guilt).

Sorry about this post being so long and disjointed, I am absolutely knackered and I am supposed to be doing coursework (priorities=well and truly warped). Hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to the New Year!

Lots of hugs and kisses,

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  1. Thankyou so much for the comment on my blog, I am SOOO glad that someone actually agrees with me about the whole band tee mass production in high street shops aswell!!! And definitely agree with you on the smiths! WHY where a tee shirt you have never heard music of?!
    ANYWAY, Love your blog and your style is soo amazing. New follower, keep in touch! :D


  2. Great blog, love the coat!!