Thursday, 17 November 2011

Conversation 16

Coat: £35, TK MAX Cardigan: Free, Kyle's wardrobe Fur stole: (Vintage) Free, Sister's wardrobe Dress: Free, Sister's wardrobe Necklace: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool Belt: £1.50, Primark
Breaking News: Blogger has time to write on blog. I know, truly shocking; I know my jaw dropped. I have been dreading coming home all day due to the enormous list of house duties I had to do, but to my absolute astonishment, Kyle Hamilton has tidied up, without me even asking.

I honestly am stunned; is he possessed? And last night, instead of playing FIFA all night like usual, he put a film on and cuddled me because I was feeling a bit (ie. Extremely) down. And, wait for it, this is a massively alien happening, he let me eat his Macaroni cheese. What an absolute angel he can be (this isn’t sarcastic- I genuinely am really happy that he has done these things, any girl who lives with her boyfriend will understand!).

So this is what I wore today, I took these pictures in the morning before I left for college so that I could take full advantage of the daylight, and also because I find it mortifying when I get home and find that apparently in the 5 or so hours I haven’t looked in a mirror, I have transformed into a complete mess (well, more than I am usually anyway). So my make-up and hair is freshly done as well, congratulations me.

Because I spend every second I possibly can in my bed in the morning, and I am one of those people who cannot rush to save their lives, I have to time myself very precisely in order to get ready in time for my train; 10 minutes in the bathroom, 5 minutes making coffee, 5 minutes getting dressed, 15 minutes on my face, 10 minutes on my hair, 10 minutes to put shoes on, find keys and panic, 10 minutes to get to the train station. Because of this, those 10 minutes in the bathroom is spent in the shower racking my brain about what to wear (and to wash obviously, I do wash! Hahaha).

Now usually what I wear depends on how much I have eaten the night before; I get bloated ridiculously easily, I could literally eat a pea and I will swell to the size of a woman in her second trimester, but since recently I have been too busy/cold/lazy/poor to eat as much as I usually do (I feel like a traitor to womankind- it’s feast night as soon as I get enough money) it hasn’t really been an issue what I wear and so I put on this dress. As it says, it was free, because it was my sisters. My Mum bought it last year for her to wear to school, but she got told off for it and didn’t like it enough to wear it casually, and so I took it off her hands because I am such a good sister. It was originally from George at ASDA, which by the way, is my favourite supermarket clothes brand by miles. If I don’t wear a belt with it, it hangs too low and I flash my tits to the world, but wearing a belt hoists it too far up at the back and my arse is visible, so I wear a basic H&M skirt underneath to protect my modesty. I love this cardigan, Kyle hasn’t even noticed I wear it, but considering it was here when we moved in, I am guessing it was from when he was about 18, and he probably forgot he even had it. Finders keepers!

I finally found out what one of those fur things are called, so they no longer have to referred to as exactly that, “fur thing”, because apparently that just isn’t ~fashion~. I do find the name quite ironic though, I mean, mine is faux but if it was real, it would be a fur stole from a poor animal. Yeah, ssh with the animal rights Miss. Baines; there’s a time and a place- this isn't it.

Right, considering no one has been complaining about my shorter posts, I am guessing they are quite acceptable, and as I am trying to obliterate my dangerous lack of understanding of the concept of moderation, I am supposing I should stop about now.

Je t'adore tous! (Yeah, D at GCSE French, I know you're all tres jealous of my skillz)

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I Bleed

Jumper: £6.99, H&M Dress (worn as skirt): £12.99, H&M Necklace: 99p, Market Stall in Liverpool

Heyyy my lovelies! It feels like I haven't posted in ages; it's not a pleasant feeling! I think I am going to actually start doing some reviews soon, I am just trying to muster the courage to slap my slap-less face all over the internet... Before I begin on my endless rant today I would just like to give a little wave to all of my new readers, and a big, virtual hug to all of those who have been reading since the beginning, it makes me all warm inside that people actually read what I have to say, so thank you so much! Also, a massive thanks to everyone who takes the time to comment on my blog, I do read them and I check out all of your blogs- I use Bloglovin' so I follow you all on there. I get quite pathetically excited when I get an email telling me one of you beautiful people have commented.

First of all, how cold is it? Jesus Christ, I think I have lost all use of my hands and feet this week. It doesn't help when you're already ridiculously clumsy...I still haven't got into the Christmas mood, I think that will change when the Christmas decorations go up. Speaking of Christmas decorations, Leeds lights, what the fuck is that all about? Cocktail glasses? Since when were they Christmassy? Seriously, Leeds Council, if you're going to spend hundreds of thousands on Christmas lights, at least stick to the rules; you can't have a martini glass complete with a cocktail umbrella opposite a snowman, it's just not right.

I am having a shoe dilemma at the moment- I wear leggings quite a lot, and it's too cold to go sock-less, and if I wear anything past the ankle with leggings, my legs look about 3" long...I think I might have to invest in some more shoes. In fact, I definitely will; I keep forgetting that it snows here, and it's not a feeble coat of sludge like back home, it is full on snow, and I really don't want a repeat of last year (I wore my ugg-like slippers to go everywhere in, with a pair of glittery, gold, cable knit knee-high socks from Primark over them for grip- it works but you look like a fucking lunatic...). Awh what a shame, I hate buying new shoes ;)

Before I wrap this up (oh yes, it is the time of year you can sort of get away with awful puns) I need to ask one question: Women, what do you buy for a boyfriend who you've already bought a watch for? Every time I think about it all I come up with is socks, and he wouldn't be too pleased with that! I am on quite a tight budget, so £40-50 is my absolute limit. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Hope everyone is keeping snug! Lots of love

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P.S. Shakespeare would have been disgusted with my increasingly casual use of explanation marks. Must make a note to reserve them to preserve their effect. I am ashamed...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lucky Lisp

Dress: £1, Ebay, Belt: £1.50-£2.00, Primark, Necklace: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool, Tights: £2.50, Boyes

Bonjour my little beauties. I am having an organizing day today, trying to make sense of my mountains of paper! So I have the wood burner going, and an endless supply of coffee.

I've decided I want to loose 10lbs and join a gym; I have had major issues with eating and body image throughout my life, and this year I have done so well in letting some of my old habits go. I am still struggling, but I can honestly say that I have come such a long way and I am proud of myself. I can assure you all, shifting these extra few pounds will be done completely safely. The reason I want to join the gym again is because I feel ready to; I had to stop going because I was quite seriously ill and exercising yourself half to death everyday and not eating is not a great combination. I trust myself to practice moderation! It sounds ridiculous but this year I have finally been able to look in the mirror and not be in agony over what I see- I still have my insecurities of course, but I am starting to accept myself a little more, and I feel healthier in myself for it. Anyway, I don't want to go too much into it, because unfortunately Eating Disorders have become a horribly taboo subject (thanks, mass-media...), and are widely misunderstood, plus this blog isn't about that! I just thought I'd tell you all how much better in myself I am feeling. (See, I can do optimism, even if it is severely awkward...) .

I've got a few things I would like to do when I (eventually, if ever) get my money through. For example, try and make some shorts, and make some Christmas cards. I really can't believe it's almost Christmas- every time I see a Christmas advert or anything Christmassy, I am just like "What? Already?" This year has gone so fast. I will not be sorry to say goodbye to it. Plus it's mine and my twin brother's 18th 13 days after Christmas, and it's the first birthday I have looked forward to in absolutely years (my birthdays are laughably shit, always).

Well, I have a bagel (revived obsession) in the toaster, and my stomach is turning on itself, and so I shall say goodbye for now.


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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

On the Streets I Ran

SHIRT: £10, Urban Outfitters, SKIRT: £12.99, H&M, BELT: £1.50, Primark, NECKLACE: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool

What a day. It has been one of those days. Rushed morning, sprint to the train station, shit weather, oh the train is delayed...oh, oh no, it's cancelled. Get to college, ask where my money is, oh, yeah, I might not get it. Oh, oh, right. THANKS. This weather/darkness does not agree with me at all. It leeches all of my motivation to do anything. I honestly do think humans used to hibernate.
I got this top in an Urban Outfitters sale a few years ago, a tenner is a bargain, even if the said item does expose my breasts through the buttons more than I am comfortable with. The skirt is one I picked up in H&M, God, it must be three or four years ago now, and it very rarely comes out of my wardrobe, but since my stomach wasn't as round as a bowling ball today, I thought I'd give it some breathing time.
Since I am so miserable, cold and hungry today, I am again going to leave it at that, as not to inflict you all with my dire mood.

Hope you're all well, lots of love,

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Monday, 7 November 2011

Always dark.

Dress: £10, Republic, Belt: £1.50-2.00, Primark, Necklace: 99p, Market shop in Liverpool, Tights: £2.00, Primark
Just going to keep it short and sweet today. Hugely disappointed with the picture quality of this outfit post; it's just so dark when I get home. I usually just use the flash when it's dark, but it just completely washed out the dress and looked far too anemic, so I had to work with artificial light, and so I turned out the colour of a Simpson, hence the major de-saturation- but life must go on.
I am so excited- those who you who follow me on twitter will have seen my utter joy at my retweet by my favourite person on Made In Chelsea (my favourite show in the world), Miss Millie Mackintosh herself, and then to make things even better, one of my inspirations, all-round-beaut and ridiculously hilarious model, from Dirty Sexy Things, Charlotte tweeted me this morning! Star struck! This is the worst blog post in the world...but there is nothing I can do to save it- those pictures have deflated me completely, and my jacket potatoes are calling me.

And with that I will love you and leave you,

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Nice Day for a Sulk

Jumper: H&M £6.99, Blouse: Vintage Market, £6.00, Leggings: £3.00, Primark, Necklace: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool

Why hello there. So it is bonfire night, and, as a British citizen, I am excited. The fireworks at Harrogate didn’t disappoint, and I was there, with my head strained, gazing up at the display with my mouth gaping (I didn’t, however, feel the need, like many people there, to go “Oooh” and “Ahhh” at each bang. Nor did I feel it necessary to shout “Oh yes! Yes!”, as the lady next to me did the whole way through, sounding like she was getting some strange erotic thrill. You need to get laid love).

However much I love fireworks, I do have some reservations about them. First of all, what we are actually celebrating is grotesquely patriotic; I mean, in principle, we’re all joyously commemorating the failure of a potentially revolutionary event- although it was for religious reasons that Guy Fawkes and his accomplices plotted to blow up the Houses of Parliament, he was at least trying to do what he thought right, and so by celebrating the failure of the Gunpowder Plot and burning dolls in his resemblance is actually us, without necessarily realising, saying “anyone who wants to start a revolution, fuck off or you’ll end up here”. Yes, yes, it might be a little extreme, but in the current climate- what with the protest movement and the Medias excessive demonising of the people occupying St. Pauls etc. it is quite sickening to see a whole nation having peas and pies and holding up their glasses to someone who died as an accidental Martyr to revolution (I like revolutions. There is nothing better than a good, hard proletariat revolution).

Another reason I don’t like bonfire night is because I completely and utterly disagree with the selling of fireworks to the public. I don’t care what anybody says- a few thousand families enjoying fireworks in their back gardens is not a justification for the gruesome and shocking amount of injuries that take place every year because of people using them irresponsibly. Growing up where I did, I knew of many people who ended up without eyes and with serious burns because of misuse of fireworks by absolute fucking idiots who somehow think it amusing to throw them at people/post them through letterboxes etc. every year I dreaded me, a friend, or a family member being the victim to one of these horrendous attacks. It’s just not worth it, and I really don’t know why the Government hasn’t put a stop to it. Unfortunately, yes, it is the minority ruining it for the majority, but it’s not worth the suffering, pain, panic and cost to lives and our NHS. There are plenty of amazing, and completely free, council-run firework displays that people can go to instead.

Anyway, as I was saying before I went on a rant, tonight we went to Harrogate and watched the fireworks there. We did the same last year, except Kyle came with us and I was wearing my PJs (you can take the girl out of Liverpool... you know the rest). This year my friends April and Phil, who are newly engaged (congratulations again!) came, and I got to see her beautiful ring, and new couple, Sam and Sammi. We’re all really close friends so it was really nice. Becca, Vicky, April and me were getting rather jealous of Sam and Sammi though- they wouldn’t let go of each other! Oh, those first few months of a relationship (you know, before you get to see more of each others underwear when you're putting the washing on than any other time!...). We then went back to Ilkley and had some food in Wetherspoons, which was nice. So all in all, a really nice day.

I had a good day yesterday as well; my History tutor (finally) marked my essays, and kept me behind and told me how impressed he was with my work (modest, I know). All of his comments were really positive and encouraging. Jade and me think he has a girlfriend, he was in unusually high spirits. English was actually productive as well, when I managed to sway the class from talking about Katie Price and other irrelevant points of utter bullshit and get back on Jane Eyre...

I was going to go and see Belle and Sebastian tomorrow with Kyle, and I was really excited, but in the end I am really glad I didn't buy the tickets as the website I was on conveniently failed to mention the fact that it wasn't Belle and Sebastian at all but one of the singers that had gone solo! He might be good solo, but it's just not Belle and Sebastian.

Anyway, Mr. Hamilton should be arriving back from work very soon, so I should probably wrap this up before he gets back (and before you decide to hack off my fingers in order to shut me up). Again, one day soon I will actually write about the clothes... Hope everyone has had a lovely, safe bonfire night!

As always, lots of loveeeee

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Knight on the Town

Dress: £12 Outlet store in Leeds, Faux Fur Coat: £25 Vintage Store in Liverpool, Necklace: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool

Oh check me out, two blog posts in two days. Hello master blogger! Brace yourselves for another one of my needlessly long posts about things that you probably don't give a shit about (you know you love them really...).

I thought it would be tactful for me to go straight in with what I am wearing, rather than rambling on endlessly about my life, so yes, the clothes. (They should make "Calls itself a Style blog but in reality it's a blog joyfully indulging in self-pity with some pictures of a girl posing in various outfits" a Blog category...). This dress is probably my favourite item of clothing, I would honestly wear it everyday if I could. The empire line really flatters my figure better than anything else. Unfortunately, thanks to my Paternal Grandmother (that's Nanny Baines, she is one hell of a woman), I have extremely round hips, and they are massive (my Mum tries to reassure me by telling me that when I give birth the baby will "slip out easier" due to this. Good to know. Thanks Mum). I've also inherited both my Mother and Father's broad shoulders, (again, cheers for that) so they sort of balance out my shape a bit. Anyway, this dress hides all of my sins, and I can dress it up and I can dress it down- basically I am just a bit obsessed with it, and at £12, it's one cheap obsession.

On to the coat, I've always been a fan of fur, but being a dedicated Vegetarian all of my life, I do feel guilty and, quite frankly, like a hypocritical bastard, wearing fur or leather. I have no problem with other people wearing real fur at all, as long as it's vintage. Vintage fur is recycled, and so you are not contributing to supply and demand, therefore by wearing your beautiful coat, you are not encouraging the death of more animals. My Nan has some beautiful fur coats from the 50s, and she gave them to me and my sister (and then forgot, she has Alzheimers) but I feel really uncomfortable taking her things because I don't think it's respectful clearing out all of her valuables as if she was dead...My Uncle though, obviously thinks it's fine, and has stolen her coats and given them to his girlfriend, who has most likely destroyed them by now. It's a touchy subject for me... So this is faux fur, and it's actually a childrens coat, but being 5ft 1", that's rather perfect. I want a brown one next, but I just can't find one that fits as well as this one- fur coats usually drown me!

I can't wait to save up a bit of money and get some more winter clothes. Winter is without doubt my favourite season. I don't know how to dress for summer and S/S collections never excite me, it's all about the A/W: layering, leather, pretty hosiery, dark makeup, wool accessories, party dresses...I could go on. Summer for me just equals disappointment, boredom and flimsy, anemic looking clothes. Not my cup of tea. I have to say though, snow and I are not great lovers of each other, but this year, I am going to be prepared (apparently Yorkshire doesn't 'do' grit...). Bring it on, snow.

P.S. I let Kyle choose the title of this post, and even though it is quite inappropriate due to my total lack of night life (I dressed like this for college; yeah that's my academic look- grieving young prostitute chic) it was the song he was playing on Rock Band, so I let him have it. EDIT: Awh he's just said that it is because "I'm your knight"- there is an ounce of romance in the man!

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Molly's Lips

Jumper, £10 (?) Primark; Leggings, £3, Primark; Necklace, 99p, Market shop in Liverpool.

I am fully aware that it has been over a month since I have posted, and I am quite disgusted with myself really, but alas, I have just been so horribly busy. I have been occasionally taking photos for outfit posts, but I have such a huge backlog that I just thought fuck it, I'll just start with last weeks.

So what have I been up to... well, any of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my various predicaments; basically, you will all know this by my excessive mentioning of it, but I am poor- have no money, in financial hardship etc. etc. etc. well, I am pleased to say, I am getting some help from our wonderful welfare state, and will be receiving benefits hopefully very soon (therefore, as you should also all know I am hugely interested in politics, feel free to get off my blog and get ran over by a large bus carrying homosexuals, immigrants, single mothers, people of various skin tones and social classes and students if you in anyway agree with David Cameron and his party full of ignorant Eton old boys and anti-feminist, frumpy, permed women or read the Daily Mail, cheers), so there is that one (very nearly) sorted.
College is going...well, if anyone from the West Yorkshire area is reading this who are in their last GCSE year and are considering going to Leeds City College, here is my advice- if you want a decent standard of education, run as far away as your little legs can take you, if you want to piss about watching videos and colouring in posters, go right in. Seriously, it is shit. I know it's an FE college, but it's inexcusably awful. Having previously been to Liverpool Community College, which has a much smaller catchment area, the difference between their organisational skills, resources and tutoring is honestly shocking. Leeds is a joke. The tutors don't want to be there, those higher up have no idea what is going on and the way the college is organised is just a shambles. I mean, the same lunch time for everyone in a college with probably over 5, 000 pupils, in a canteen with less than 100 seats? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Yeah, as you can see, I am not all too pleased.
Continuing on the education front, in the half term I went to Oxford for the first time to 'inspire' me. It was...odd. I mean, people use their legs to go places there (although I saw one woman on a bike with an engine-thing on- I thought me and her could be friends). I went with Kyle's Dad and Step-mum and stayed with her lovely parents. On the whole I really enjoyed it, it was just very intimidating seeing people dressed like they were off to catch the Hogwarts Express strolling around. (I did see two huge orange women in the highest heels I have ever seen, one in a fake silk maxi dress and the other in a jump suit that matched her skin tone, this was at 10am, I then knew then there were fellow Northerners around).
So yes. Busy half term. Went from Ilkley to Oxford, then straight to Liverpool. Then from Liverpool to Ilkley for one day then to Chatsworth and then straight back to college. And in between dyed my hair and glued someone else's longer, shinier hair into mine. Do you like it?
Anyyyywayyyy, I should be posting much more regularly now, and I might actually mention the clothes I am wearing at some point (today I just thought, eh it's Primark what else can I say about it?). I have about 583u402048903u89y57 posts to catch up with on all of your blogs! Actually terrified to go on Bloglovin'. Hope you're all doing better than I am (it's been one of 'those days' today...urgh).

Lots of love, your formerly pink & terribly neglectful blogger,

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