Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Molly's Lips

Jumper, £10 (?) Primark; Leggings, £3, Primark; Necklace, 99p, Market shop in Liverpool.

I am fully aware that it has been over a month since I have posted, and I am quite disgusted with myself really, but alas, I have just been so horribly busy. I have been occasionally taking photos for outfit posts, but I have such a huge backlog that I just thought fuck it, I'll just start with last weeks.

So what have I been up to... well, any of you who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my various predicaments; basically, you will all know this by my excessive mentioning of it, but I am poor- have no money, in financial hardship etc. etc. etc. well, I am pleased to say, I am getting some help from our wonderful welfare state, and will be receiving benefits hopefully very soon (therefore, as you should also all know I am hugely interested in politics, feel free to get off my blog and get ran over by a large bus carrying homosexuals, immigrants, single mothers, people of various skin tones and social classes and students if you in anyway agree with David Cameron and his party full of ignorant Eton old boys and anti-feminist, frumpy, permed women or read the Daily Mail, cheers), so there is that one (very nearly) sorted.
College is going...well, if anyone from the West Yorkshire area is reading this who are in their last GCSE year and are considering going to Leeds City College, here is my advice- if you want a decent standard of education, run as far away as your little legs can take you, if you want to piss about watching videos and colouring in posters, go right in. Seriously, it is shit. I know it's an FE college, but it's inexcusably awful. Having previously been to Liverpool Community College, which has a much smaller catchment area, the difference between their organisational skills, resources and tutoring is honestly shocking. Leeds is a joke. The tutors don't want to be there, those higher up have no idea what is going on and the way the college is organised is just a shambles. I mean, the same lunch time for everyone in a college with probably over 5, 000 pupils, in a canteen with less than 100 seats? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Yeah, as you can see, I am not all too pleased.
Continuing on the education front, in the half term I went to Oxford for the first time to 'inspire' me. It was...odd. I mean, people use their legs to go places there (although I saw one woman on a bike with an engine-thing on- I thought me and her could be friends). I went with Kyle's Dad and Step-mum and stayed with her lovely parents. On the whole I really enjoyed it, it was just very intimidating seeing people dressed like they were off to catch the Hogwarts Express strolling around. (I did see two huge orange women in the highest heels I have ever seen, one in a fake silk maxi dress and the other in a jump suit that matched her skin tone, this was at 10am, I then knew then there were fellow Northerners around).
So yes. Busy half term. Went from Ilkley to Oxford, then straight to Liverpool. Then from Liverpool to Ilkley for one day then to Chatsworth and then straight back to college. And in between dyed my hair and glued someone else's longer, shinier hair into mine. Do you like it?
Anyyyywayyyy, I should be posting much more regularly now, and I might actually mention the clothes I am wearing at some point (today I just thought, eh it's Primark what else can I say about it?). I have about 583u402048903u89y57 posts to catch up with on all of your blogs! Actually terrified to go on Bloglovin'. Hope you're all doing better than I am (it's been one of 'those days' today...urgh).

Lots of love, your formerly pink & terribly neglectful blogger,

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