Thursday, 3 November 2011

Knight on the Town

Dress: £12 Outlet store in Leeds, Faux Fur Coat: £25 Vintage Store in Liverpool, Necklace: 99p, Market Shop in Liverpool

Oh check me out, two blog posts in two days. Hello master blogger! Brace yourselves for another one of my needlessly long posts about things that you probably don't give a shit about (you know you love them really...).

I thought it would be tactful for me to go straight in with what I am wearing, rather than rambling on endlessly about my life, so yes, the clothes. (They should make "Calls itself a Style blog but in reality it's a blog joyfully indulging in self-pity with some pictures of a girl posing in various outfits" a Blog category...). This dress is probably my favourite item of clothing, I would honestly wear it everyday if I could. The empire line really flatters my figure better than anything else. Unfortunately, thanks to my Paternal Grandmother (that's Nanny Baines, she is one hell of a woman), I have extremely round hips, and they are massive (my Mum tries to reassure me by telling me that when I give birth the baby will "slip out easier" due to this. Good to know. Thanks Mum). I've also inherited both my Mother and Father's broad shoulders, (again, cheers for that) so they sort of balance out my shape a bit. Anyway, this dress hides all of my sins, and I can dress it up and I can dress it down- basically I am just a bit obsessed with it, and at £12, it's one cheap obsession.

On to the coat, I've always been a fan of fur, but being a dedicated Vegetarian all of my life, I do feel guilty and, quite frankly, like a hypocritical bastard, wearing fur or leather. I have no problem with other people wearing real fur at all, as long as it's vintage. Vintage fur is recycled, and so you are not contributing to supply and demand, therefore by wearing your beautiful coat, you are not encouraging the death of more animals. My Nan has some beautiful fur coats from the 50s, and she gave them to me and my sister (and then forgot, she has Alzheimers) but I feel really uncomfortable taking her things because I don't think it's respectful clearing out all of her valuables as if she was dead...My Uncle though, obviously thinks it's fine, and has stolen her coats and given them to his girlfriend, who has most likely destroyed them by now. It's a touchy subject for me... So this is faux fur, and it's actually a childrens coat, but being 5ft 1", that's rather perfect. I want a brown one next, but I just can't find one that fits as well as this one- fur coats usually drown me!

I can't wait to save up a bit of money and get some more winter clothes. Winter is without doubt my favourite season. I don't know how to dress for summer and S/S collections never excite me, it's all about the A/W: layering, leather, pretty hosiery, dark makeup, wool accessories, party dresses...I could go on. Summer for me just equals disappointment, boredom and flimsy, anemic looking clothes. Not my cup of tea. I have to say though, snow and I are not great lovers of each other, but this year, I am going to be prepared (apparently Yorkshire doesn't 'do' grit...). Bring it on, snow.

P.S. I let Kyle choose the title of this post, and even though it is quite inappropriate due to my total lack of night life (I dressed like this for college; yeah that's my academic look- grieving young prostitute chic) it was the song he was playing on Rock Band, so I let him have it. EDIT: Awh he's just said that it is because "I'm your knight"- there is an ounce of romance in the man!

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  1. I love that dress, the colour is amzinggg:)