Thursday, 20 September 2012

Death of a Party

Jacket: £39.99, Internationale T-shirt: £3.99, H&M Trousers: £7.99, H&M Necklace: £2.50, Internationale

Long time no see motherfuckers. Yes, I have returned from the flurry of post-breakup flat hunting, binge drinking and late nights. You'll be pleased to know (well I certainly hope you will be, otherwise you're just a heartless bastard) that I am now fully settled in my own flat, I have a wonderful new boyfriend (who FYI doesn't treat me like a piece of shit, score!), I am back at college and I have far, far too much time on my hands due to a unfortunate lack of funds to purchase a television.

It's been an oddly positive summer considering what happened at the beginning of it; I've met some of the most amazing people, I have gained a social life, a taste for (perhaps a little too strongly) a good night out, AAB grades in my exams, confidence and freedom from a relationship that basically considered of me waiting hand and foot on a guy who didn't appreciate me. So all and all, a nice little result there.

But we won't dwell on that too much.

All of what I am wearing are new purchases, bought with my own hard earned cash. I have been through a purse-massacring phase in the last two months where instead of going to the Launderette (my flat lacks a washing machine, or any plumbing to install one) to wash my clothes, I have just bought tons of new ones. I finally snapped out of that this week and decided, in a moment of sheer frugal genius (partially encouraged by a lack of clean underwear) to buy some travel wash and fabric conditioner and wash my clothes by hand. I bought a cheap washing line from Wilkos and hung it up in my kitchen and slowly but surely have been getting through two months worth of dirty clothes. Amazing stuff Jess. Amazing stuff.

I am desperate to share with you all my little home so that shall be my next post (when I've done some tidying, at the moment I have flooded it with college work).

So there we have it. My first post since May. Hope you have all been doing well, and that your livers haven't taken too major of a beating over summer.

Lots of love

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