Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dead Star

Dress: Hand-me-down Necklace: £4.50, Urban Outfitters, Dinosaur arm: My own

Sappinin' beautifuls? I wasn't going to post today, but I love this dress so much I had to share it with you all, so the ol' tripod got whipped out.

I've had a bit of an odd day today; as most of you will know, the Easter Holidays ended on Sunday, so yesterday I totted back to Leeds City College bright and early to once again attempt to squeeze a decent education out of it (it's harder than it sounds). I haven't seen the morning sun in weeks, and had fallen into a routine of waking up about 1pm every day, getting out of bed around 2- only for my want of a coffee and a cigarette, and then lazing about until 3am when I'd finally exhausted myself doing nothing. Rinse and repeat. Needless to say, then, that getting up at 7am on Monday morning was something I had been long dreading, but it was absolutely fine. Obviously, like any good student with a fucked up sleeping pattern, I had readily prepared myself the night before, doing my hair and laying my clothes out and having my bag packed and ready to roll, but regardless, I wasn't tired at all when I woke up. I still decided to leave a little early and get myself a coffee as a precaution. The day went ahead fine, I got myself a toasted English muffin with cheese and tomato in the train station to fill my hungry little belly that wasn't used to being awake at that hour, and to prepare myself for a good educating, when, to my annoyance, my English class had been cancelled, and I had another 5 and a half hours until my next class. I was not a happy bunny, let me tell you that. Anyway, I could have easily left all of that out, because all I really wanted to say was that I wasn't tired yesterday until about 9 when I suddenly just wiped out, and then was kept up by King Kyle until God knows what time in the morning, because he was playing Fifa and watching a documentary.

This morning however, was a completely different ball game altogether. My alarm went off at 8, and I turned it off immediately, then it went again at 8:15, and again, I turned it off, so fifteen minutes later when my 8:30 alarm went off, I was too tired to even care, and just turned it off again, without realising that I had stupidly presumed that 3 alarms would be enough to encourage me to get my arse out of bed. How very wrong I was. So I slept. And slept. I slept through two lessons! I only woke up because Kyle decided to steal the covers and irritate me until I got up to get him a Greggs "as punishment" for not going to college. Bastard. Anyway, I did get out of bed, and got showered etc. and then came back up to put my make-up on and do my hair (which consisted of spraying dry shampoo all over it, rubbing it in and then leaving it to do what it wanted), but oh no, I wasn't allowed to do that, how dare I put make-up on when Kyle needs feeding? As any good woman would do, I just did it slower and slower every time he complained. Model wife right here.

Now about the dress (seamless transition right here). I was going to wear my H&M maxi (that I wore as a skirt here) because I just wanted something comfy and light rather than my usual 4832 layers of clothes nipping me in here there and everywhere, but alas, I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd stick this one on. I have only worn it once before, a few months ago, when it was freezing and I wore it with about 6 jumpers and my shearling coat. But as it's such a nice cut, and feels so well made, I thought I'd wear it on it's own today (I did wear an American Apparel Ottoman jacket over it, but it didn't photograph well and I just looked like a big black ball). When I put it on, Kyle looked really puzzled and when I questioned his look, I got this back "that's a really nice dress...why are you wearing it to college"; his opinion was that it was "a waste" to wear to college, and that I looked too dressed up, like I was going to a funeral. Cheers babe. I don't know what his thing is about me in black maxi dresses, he usually laughs at all of my clothes, but if I stick on a black maxi he's full of compliments. He actually picked that H&M maxi out for me, when I was working (so I was absolutely skint, £3.64 has a whole new value when you've worked an hour ripping open packages of walking clothes and hanging them for it) and we had a rushed trip to the Trafford Center. Then again, he hates me wearing anything that shoes my figure/flesh...he once forebode me from leaving the house without tights, and on my 18th birthday we argued in Marks and Spencers about what level of opaque tights I should buy (he wanted me to buy the 40 denier and I wanted the 15, in the end I bought both to shut him up). Even my Dad said the 15's looked better. Then again, my Dad isn't as over-protective! (Just for the record, I wore the 15 denier ones). So perhaps he just likes me wearing maxi dresses because it's the closest thing a girl can get to being almost completely covered up (unless you're Nigella Lawson, who takes it to a whole new level...

So in the end I went to Greggs for him (and witnessed someone robbing a sandwich and getting caught. Robbing from Greggs is so desperate it deserves a mention) and felt like an utter dick wearing the dress, and partly because I did actually look like I was going to a funeral/was a massive goff, and partly felt like I should be going to a dinner party, not to buy a steak bake (I didn't actually get a steak bake, Kyle and I are both vegetarian. Fun fact #23). I came home and was so paranoid that I had decided to get changed. That was until I realised that I wasn't about to take fashion critisim off a guy who last year spent weeks searching the highstreet for some white trousers.

In the end, I am so glad I didn't take it off, as I got quite a lot of compliments on it, and even though I looked like some sort of warped cross between a Nun and a widow, it felt pretty good. I also did feel a bit 90's in it, what with the dress, sans-bra, creepers and socks- but since the 90's was the decade God's were born (main example, me), that wasn't such a bad thing. I wish the dress/I photographed better, I don't feel like these do it any justice...I'll most definitely be wearing this dress again though, and could forgive myself for posting it as another outfit post.

Ah, would you look at that, my writers block has obviously solved itself! Hurrah!

Hope you're all having a good week so far! Do post your blogs in a comment below- I am in the need of some new blogs to read at the moment and would love to take a look at yours!

Lots of hugs and kisses

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  1. When I look at this outfit, all I can think is.... ''stay classy San Diego''

    1. HAHAHA I'll be sure to whip out the ol' jazz flute in my next post ;)