Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Morning

Top: £15, Mad Elizabeth Shorts: £15, Mad Elizabeth Shoes: £36, Office Belt: £1.50, Primark

Wow, it's been so long that I genuinely don't know what to write...

I suppose I just haven't really felt like blogging recently- I've been so busy it's actually sickening, I haven't even had a chance to go home (back to Liverpool); my Dad said that Jasmine (my one year old sister, she's fucking adorable) will be grade 8 in piano and getting married by the time I come up! He's probably not lying either, because I am a) too poor to afford the train fare and b) too busy with college work to spare the weekend, oh and then there's the fact that the kid's a genius...

Obviously I have managed to find the time and money to dramatically change my hair colour, but a scouse girl has got to do what a scouse girl gotta' do, and that entails doing their hair. It looks like it's got patches of orange in these photos, because I had to put the contrast up so much so that you could actually make out the outfit (why is it that on your camera screen the lighting looks fine and then when you upload them to your computer BAM dark as fuck...). I had a bit of a disaster at the hair dressers to tell you the truth, but I reckon I am going to do a video about that and how I got my hair this colour separately anyway.

You'll be (hopefully) pleased to know though that all of my hard work is paying off somewhere and I got two A's in my January exams! Getting those results when you were so convinced you were going to fail that you'd already arranged to use last years grade is a pretty amazing feeling. However, I have exams coming up next month which I am having to start preparing for, so my glee was short-lived.

I wore this outfit two days in a row to go to Nandos with Jade and then to go to see Titanic 3D with the girls (balled my eyes out, not gonna' lie). I bought it on a little shopping trip turned major splurge a few weeks ago. I had to buy the shorts because I can actually eat in them and my arse is well and truly covered, which are traits my other shorts just can't compete with, and the top I had to get because I lovvvve the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed (and no, I don't just know Satellite of Love...). I have to admit, I don't like the way it's the generic Andy Warhol 'The Velvet Underground and Nico' print, but then, what can you expect from a vintage shop? It's like asking for a Nirvana T-shirt that wasn't either just Kurt or the Nevermind cover- it ain't going to happen. The shoes, although you can't really see them, are like the love child of creepers, converse, trainers and flatforms (it was a major shoe orgy, I'll tell you that...)- I was a bit worried they'd make me look like a massive goff, but after wearing them a few times I have absolutley fallen in love with them; as I've said before, being so short and hating heels so much it's hard for me to get extra height without being in pain, and these do the job beautifully.

I have serious writers block right now so I'll leave it at that! I have some reviews drafted and ready to go, just need to photograph the products and they'll be straight out. Also, if you have Instagram (SO happy when they finally made an app for Android!) my username is sheoncewasadoll and I'd be honored to have my life in photographs plastered all over your phone.

Lots of love!

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