Saturday, 10 September 2011

I Jessica Elizabeth, do solemnly swear...

Oh yes, it is time. Time for me to start imparting my judgement on the commodities they call cosmetics with all ten thousand (11) of you; or you could just say some product reviews, it’s your call.

I’m not really one to have faith in Blog reviews where the person has just purchased the product and instantly reviewed; mostly due to the fact that it’s simple psychology that we’re more than likely going to merely succumb to our previous expectations about the product from what we’ve seen or read elsewhere. If we were a little dubious about the product before hand, we’re going to find the faults; if we had read rave reviews and were excited to buy it, we’re subconsciously going to instantly enjoy its results. (This isn’t going apply if the product is extremely shit, obviously) So basically, I find that instant reviews are not really reliable- I definitely believe that in order to really get an accurate idea of how the product performs, you have to use it at least a couple of times first. But this is just me.

And so I vow that all the products I review on this blog are going to be after at least two weeks usage, unless otherwise stated (there it is in writing, and my signature is on the bottom, so consider it an informal contract).

I promise that all my reviews will be utterly unbiased and completely my own opinion and in no way influenced by any other individual or company, no matter how I come to receive the product. And I'm also going to say that if you have an opinion on a product I have reviewed, if you leave me an email or comment with it, or the link, I will try my lil' best to post them onto the original post, just because I love you all.

I personally won’t even purchase a product without reading reviews anymore and often find it difficult to part with my money when it comes to cosmetics, so I hope these reviews help at least one person. Too many companies are just churning out shit now-a-days, and we’re all too skint to filter it out from the good stuff ourselves, so hopefully the rise of beauty blogs and YouTube gurus will make companies realise that if they’re mascara’s clumpy; foundation’s cloggy and powder’s counter-productive, that someone’s gonna’ find out and post it all over the most influential media source in the world. Amen.

Unfortunately I couldn't do an outfit post today because I've been in my PJs all day trying to sort all Kyle's shit out from when he was younger (anyone who follows me on Twitter would have seen my string of abusive tweets about the said boyfriend today in a fit of anger at his total lack of consideration). I've still got to finish sorting the room and washing clothes but I am intending to follow this post, if I finish soon and don't collapse with exhaustion (I shouldn't, I have got through at least 10 cans of Diet Coke today...), with an actual review, so look out for that.
And finally, a huge thank you to all my followers and my new ones. I'm not gonna' lie, there ain't many of you, but I love you all just the same. *EDIT* And a big British hello to all those reading in the USA and mainland Europe! And obviously anyone who has a lil' read once-in-a-while.

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