Thursday, 15 December 2011

Use Once & Destroy

^^^Most flattering and Vogue-worthy facial expression the world has ever seen.

So I thought I would make a video as continuing on from what I said yesterday, I am feeling slightly deflated and underwhelmed by my blog and its lack of variety. I didn't think making a video would be that difficult though; for some reason I just seem to melt into some sort of stuttering flaccid mess whenever the record button is pushed and I am the subject. I bollocked it up at least 8 times and as a Youtube virgin (almost, if you're that interested there is a blonde me and my long haired brother with our culinary delights three years ago) it is a complete disaster. Might have to have a couple of shots of the ol'vodka next time for some courage...

If you follow me on twitter you'll know that today hasn't been my best. The Kyle has been a bit of a dick, to put it politely, and all we've done all day is bicker. Ah, to go back to the days where we lived 90 miles away from each other and only spent romantic weekends together (i.e. occasionally leave the house/show mutual affection for each other)...Men and women shouldn't live with each other, and if they do, they should have separate bedrooms so that the man can eat as many tuna/prawn sandwiches/leave as many half-drank beer bottles fermenting for as long as he likes in his personal room instead, rather than making the poor woman suffer and then get in a mood with her and accuse her of being a moaning, nagging lunatic when she finally cannot take the stench of decomposing fish and yeast any longer and ask you to take the offending objects down the stairs. Obviously I am not talking about me here, it's just a general view. Fucking men...

Let me know if videos are something you would like to see more of and I hope you're all having a lovely night (in your non-fish smelling bedrooms). Byeee!

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