Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Greetings from Devon.

Just to let you all know, I am currently on my holidays in Westward Ho! on the North Coast of Devon. I sincerly apologise for my near abandoment of my blog and I returning to Liverpool tomorrow (10 hour journey through the rioting cities of Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool= an extremely terrified blogger) where I will be staying for as long as I can hold my sanity together (I am missing Kyle a pathetic amount). I have purchased quite a lot (of pretty things) so I will be showing y'all them, doing some reviews and purchasing a camera (finally). So basically, when I return to sunny Yorkshire I will be blogging a lot (hi, I'm Jess and I am unemployed and nervously waiting for college to start, so I have too much free time and a blog to fill). Kyle and me are also going to be moving house when I come back and I am, not so much excited as I am relieved, so I might post some cheeky pics of that as well. To summarize, this will no longer be a ghost town of a blog! And it won't be so shit when I get back. If not, you can all rip me to pieces. Love.

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