Friday, 26 August 2011

Apartment Story

Dress: Given to by friend
Blazer: Vintage
Shoes: £35, Topshop

Finally, an outfit post! You have no idea how long that took me; if you knew how little space there is for a tripod in this flat you'd be crying for me.
I could have, very easily, dressed up in my finest clothes for this first outfit post and plastered my face with six layers of sin-coating make-up, but this is actually what I wore today (expect my hair was down, and then it started raining, so instead of leaking pink all over town I just chucked it up).
I've spent the past couple of days living through my Sims. I've named them all after Oscar Wilde Characters (my Dorian doesn't drive my Sybil to suicide- just sayin') and some of you may have noticed, tweeting like mad. Today is the only day I have eaten properly or left the house. I really need college to start.
Kyle and me are finally moving out next week. Finally organised (the date, nothing else).

I love this dress, and I can only get away with it when my hair is pink, so I whipped it out again as soon as I knew I was doing it. It does make me look like a Christmas Elf, and I have to protect my arse from flashing its glory to the whole of Yorkshire, but I still love it. My friend gave it to me last year (along with a bag full of other goodies that I haven't stopped wearing since).
These are the shoes I live in. I don't shop at Topshop, I find it's extremely overpriced for the quality you get. Everything I have ever bought from there broke within a month (once the straps broke on my £50 dress, almost revealing me to the whole of my family in a family party, the same day I fucking bought it). Okay, and I'll be honest, I genuinely can't afford Topshop- it's just too expensive. But last Christmas Kyle got me a £40 (I think it was £40?) gift card and then his Dad and his lovely step-mum got me a £30 one (I honestly don't remember the amounts, I just remember being a bit speechless). So to Topshop I went, and I got these shoes that were reduced from (again, the amount escapes me) something like £70 to £35 and I fell in love with them, and I haven't taken them off since. Flats do my stubby little legs no justice.
I think I still have about a fiver on one of those cards...I'll have to check up on that.

Again, another rushed post, when am I going to learn? Hope you're all doing well xx.

LISTENING TO: Peel Sessions- The Jesus And Mary-Chain


  1. Ooh those shoes are lovely! Really need to invest in some boots for winter! xxx

  2. Ahh you ook GORGEOUS! Hair and makeup is simply beaut!

  3. Thankyou loveeellliiiess :DD

    I know I need to go winter shopping, I can't wait, need to find money from somewhere first though :/