Friday, 17 June 2011

Love and let(s) wait (for them to go on sale)

I have been lashed back into the turbulent, exhausting practise of falling in love. With these shoes. But Alas! For these BANK shoes and I, it was not a tender tale of love at first glance; in fact, when I first saw at them my eyes lingered only milliseconds more on them than all of the other shoes on the page, and I moved on, favouring others before them. But since I was on Shopstyle all of these pretty little pieces kept screaming my attention with their beautiful red reduced prices. They were all from BANK, and they were having a sale. Now I don’t tend to shop at BANK- I don’t know why, really- I guess it is just one of those shops that I don’t immediately consider when I think of High street clothes stores. That’s probably down to the fact that Liverpool only got the store along with Liverpool ONE and the other dozens of unfamiliar names a few years ago. Anyway, back to these bad boys. I was looking at the shoes (as I do) and (sound Angels singing and a distant, but blinding, buttery drip of white lights...) there they were. And I have to have them. However, I am horrendously cheap, and I have never spent £40 on a pair of shoes before, and I don’t intend on starting now, in the midst of my I-don’t-know-how-to-budget-and-I-have-never-had-a-wage-before-and-the-only-other-time-I-have-ever-had-such-a-large-sum-of-money-in-one-go-is-Christmas/birthday fortnight-and-that-was-disposable-but-this-has-to-keep-me-from-starving-and-sleeping-rough crisis. So I am going to do what I do best. Forget about them and wait for them to be cheap enough for me not to shake on the bus home feeling like someone has ripped my intestines out and fashioned a Turban out of them to sell at discount prices to market stalls.

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