Thursday, 9 June 2011

One dress: TOPSHOP

.I did intend going on all my favorite (by favorite I really mean "shops I may or not be able to actually afford but still lust over the clothes and plan to shop there when I eventually, and I will, win the lottery") clothes sites and do my usual (pathetic) routine of filling my virtual bag with thousands of pounds worth of items; it started as "I know! I'll put them all on here!" then I considered and concluded that a) I have already 'filled by bag' at most of the sites, and cannot be arsed doing it again b) It would take a lot of blogging, and I am easily distracted and awfully, awfully impatient. Then I thought I'd just do all the dresses/tops/shoes/etc. but then I though, nah, I'll just pick one. I am lazy.
.So this is my TOPSHOP choice. There were 19 dresses I like in Topshop and I was extremely inclined to go for one of the pretty-print shift dresses, but I am drawn to this one every time I visit the site.

I wouldn’t say it was a day look; it definitely wouldn’t be something I would brave in the day around the small middle-class Yorkshire town of Ilkley anyway, maybe if I was still in Liverpool, however I would wear it with these flats and an oversized, slouchy cardigan just to help it steer clear of the potentially red-light-esq look it could quite easily convey. The bright pink lipstick is just a matter of my personal taste really- lipstick is my downfall, and I rarely go out without it, plus I think it takes the edge off all the greys and black a little. I actually love those shoes... I am not really a massive ‘bag person’ so the bag I just liked. I wouldn’t pay that much for it though (the bag I am never without cost me 25p at a car boot, it made my life). I think I’m overanalysing slightly now so I’ll stop. I don’t think I could get away with this outfit personally. Just because I am quite disproportionate in that I am 5ft 1” (basically borderline garden gnome) and am quite broad for it, with short legs and a short torso. Plus I have gained 13lbs (Argh!) since I moved here and I tend to steer clear of flats when I can help it as my legs look about the size of a Subway Sandwich (not even the footlong) in them. Now I have definitely gone on too much. Enjoy!

Total outfit cost (below): £348
Total cost if supplemented with given cheaper options: £161.98

Cheaper (aka, my budget) alternatives: This trusty H&M skirt and the non-designer oversized cardigan.


  1. Isn't it! Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky proud owners, as I am not the owner of a large enough disposable income (or the age to get one!). One day I will be though, and I can buy as many impractical sheer black dresses as I like MUAHAHA.

    Going to look at your blog now. Thanks for taking the time to look at my new born blog and comment. XX