Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Shoplifters of the World Unite.

I have been debating on whether or not to buy these Smiths T-shirt Transfers for a good long while now. As a hugely passionate Smiths and Morrissey fan (not ashamed to say it either) I would like to own a few (or a wardrobe full) of Moz/The Smiths T-shirts. However, I find that all of those available are made of that horrible slightly translucent scratchy cotton and have no shape to them at all. I like a good, masculine T-shirt that hangs off me but these things look like it cost less than a penny to make and just look awful. They’re not certified merchandise, and they’re not nice and I just don’t see the point in spending £15-20 on one just to go in the pocket of some out-of-touch middle-aged business man who has found the internet. Anyway, enough hatin’, I simply don’t like them. But these are quite cheap at £1.89 (incl. P&P) and would allow me to use my own already much-loved tops to flaunt my pathetic contribution to my fandom. I’d probably use them on a good ol’ trusty H&M apparel top. Either way, you’re paying less than a tenner for something that can be quite personal and very wearable. What more could you ask for people?

NOTE: The reason I have been 'debating' to buy them is because I am yet to pop my Ebay cherry. I know, I know, shocker! I just don't like the concept of bidding. It's my nature to get attached to things and I would spend the whole 'time left' obsessing over the item and would be actually hurt if I didn't win it. I am also majorly competitive and absolutely shite at controlling my money so Ebay bidding would just be a terrible, terrible idea.

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