Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Question

All images via Instagram

There's probably about 5 ladies in the Internet Kingdom that I often see and think "I want to be you".
This could be due to their sheer coolness; their obscene beauty or their amazing style (or sometimes, in ego shattering situations, all three).
I'll admit, I sometimes look at their photos for not just inspiration, but as a basis of self criticism. I compare myself  obsessively to them, like to "be more like them" is some kind of life goal.
These women are not public figures or celebrities plastered on magazines; they are people, people I know, people I don't. But I think I aspire to be them, or to put it less obsessively, am more influenced by them, with my weight, style and life choices, than I am with anyone else.

Is there anyone out there that feels like this? Are the girls on instagram making you feel like shit every time you eat a pizza?


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