Friday, 7 June 2013

Been Away too Long

I think that may be the longest hiatus I have ever taken in my life, with the exception of that 19 year hiatus I have taken from participating in any sort of physical activity.

I thought I would come back to blogging since although I don’t miss resizing photos and desperately trying to get my shoes in my outfit posts without it looking like someone’s removed my knee caps or I have a severely bent spine, I do miss the community blogging brings and the often overwhelming idea that someone out there actually wants to hear what I have to say or look at photos of me looking miserable- seriously did I ever smile in 2012?- in the above positions.

With that I shall give you a short summary of what has been happening in the world of Jess since September:

I have moved house yet again, this time into a house with more than two rooms (shocker) where the ceiling stays up and there is equipment of the clothes washing kind and a magical modern commodity that keeps your food cold (I know, mad) I absolutely love my new house and can’t help but feel human after living in what basically ended up being a leaky crack den after a couple of months. I honestly can’t even explain to you all how different this place is, and how much happier I am. I wake up every morning and even after being here a month I still can’t quite believe my luck. Plus my landlords are fabulous!

Me and George are still together, I won’t divulge too much on the subject as I know he gets pissed off when I broadcast details of him/us to the internet. He’s one of those strange sorts that actually have more of a life offline. So all I am going to say is that I’ve never been happier, and cliché aside, he genuinely is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. (If you follow me on twitter, you basically get a running commentary of how much he makes me smile). After an insane couple of months in which there was far too much alcohol, substances and tears which I am more than glad to turn my back on, I can finally recognise myself again. I can say now that I have never felt more whole than I have done in the past 5 weeks than I have in my life. (This may or may not have something to do with the fact I can now buy cheese).

Unfortunately I had to sell my camera (along with everything else worth anything) a couple of months ago during one of those fabulous periods where you can’t afford food, but Vodafone (made the arguable mistake) of giving me a phone contract so that’ll do. I don’t really plan on just filling my blog with pictures of me looking like someone’s shat in my pocket any longer anyway because that’s just not interesting.

Can’t really think of much else to share, except that I am still poor, but that’s half the fun.

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