Friday, 7 June 2013

My week in pictures #2

FROM TOP LEFT: The Roses my fabulous George bought me, stealing away my "being bought flowers" virginity in one beautiful swoop; me posing in the pub toilets with George's top on (he also had a top on, just not this one, he's not a nudist); moi et ma un, George said this "is us in a picture"; my nails this week, to match the sky!; a Church in Manchester I saw on my wanderings; me in the sunshine; me again; the flowers in my garden; George looking very georgeous; Georgie again; the beer garden we were in; my pint in the sunshine; my reward for walking; the Hilton building in Manchester; me smiling; me posing today.

Haven't really done much today, although my letter came from Nation Wide so I can open a new current account with them since Llyods TSB have locked me out of my bank account (motherfuckers). And I ate porridge. Just spending the day in the sun listening to music dreaming about beer.


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NOW LISTENING: Call it Fate, Call it Karma- The Strokes/Come Down Machine

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