Tuesday, 12 July 2011

GO HAPPY, GO HUNGRY: Pleated Skirt

I really love the pleated skirt. At first I thought it to be a bit to close to the classic School Uniform (a thing I rebelled against and have longed to escape since the tender age of 11- hello stripy black and red long sleeved goth top under short sleeved shirt- I was a fashion icon). And then I thought of Hermione Granger, and anything remotely related to Harry Potter is good in my books, so lets all wear pleated skirts! No, I'm kidding (a little bit...). But I have fell in love with them. And really want one.
So I have chosen two. To be fair, I do much prefer the French Connection one (right). I just think the cut is much nicer; much more A-lined, the Matalan one (left) looks like it would make your hips look slightly more rounded, which I honestly don't need. But it is a decent cheaper alternative.
I think the French Connection skirt is now on sale, reduced from £62 to £24, so a bit of a bargain there. But alas! Me being as poor and as reluctant to 'treat' myself as ever, I still wouldn't fork out that much on a skirt (I did once, in American Apparel after I got my Christmas Money, I bought a skirt for £33 and then got on the bus home and was literally shaking thinking 'what have I done, what have I done' and took it back the next day because it looked horrible on, only to fall victim to the horrible American Apparel returns policy- no refunds, so ended up getting the, I think now discontinued, skirt that can make a, very short, strapless dress and a skirt and then having to get a £7 piece of purple plaited string, how they can charge that much I don't know, to spend the rest of my skirt return. Nightmare).
I don't think I'd even go for the Matalan one. I really am that stingy.
But I will be on the look out for one I would be willing to hand over my hard-earned cash for and will post it when it (and it will) comes along.

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