Saturday, 9 July 2011

What's the point in being a Fashion Blogger, when you can't afford clothes?

. I'm lonely tonight. They've made Kyle stay over at work- which I find really strange because he is (not meant to be offensive) only a waiter, so it's not as if he has to be there or the whole business will collapse/the apocalypse will begin. He's staying in a £90 a night room though, and I bet he hasn't brought his toothbrush or pjs. What a waste. So I had a meal for one from the new Mlocal (Morrisons version of Tesco Express)and am now just trying to kill time.
. I have used Blog Lovin' for ages now and decided to finally try and get some followers for this blog (I know, why would anybody not want to write to nobody?) but it's not exactly helping my case! It says on the top of it when you click on my blog "This blog has no followers so won't be updated very often". Er, sorry but how can BL possibly know that it won't? They're just putting people off my ickle blog before it even gets started! Meanies!
.I spent £30 on alcohol last night. Yes, the girl who will spend (honestly) 2 hours in Superdrug/Boots debating on what makeup to buy, and whether she can possibly justify spending £12 (I am cheap) on foundation, decided that an £8 cocktail was a bargain! I think at one point, what with the cocktail themed attire and the amazing hotel, that I was in fact a cast member of Made In Chelsea, and thought I can afford to spend almost a tenth of my monthly wages on alcohol. Need. To Start. Budgeting!
. I keep coming up with ideas for this blog, but then I am always restricted by my lack of camera (mine broke miraculously whilst sitting untouched on a shelf...RIP). So I thought, there is no point me spending a sh*t load of money on a camera for my blog, when nobody reads it (I know, I am Logic Central). So I have devised a master plan, my non-existent readers.
For the first 10 followers I get, I will put £1 away (per follower).
For the next 40 followers, 50p (per follower).
For the following 50 followers, 20p (per follower).
And 10p per every page view.
Hopefully, that will allow me to save enough to buy a camera (and help me justify buying one, if it is to improve a blog that people actually read!).
So for now I am just jotting down ideas. I am not setting out to become enormously successful and end up having a cult following across the globe, I simply want to write a blog that people will enjoy reading, even if it's just two of you.

P.S. Kyle laughs at me everytime I run through ideas with him, or write a post, because he says "What's the point in a fashion blogger, when you can't afford clothes?". To which I replied, "because there are lots of us out there, who read fashion blogs, but can't afford clothes", doesn't mean we have to all run around in pillow cases and recycle bottle caps to accessorize (which there is actually nothing wrong with). I will never understand men.


  1. hello! thank yuo for your wonderful comments on my blog, that's so nice of you. i've pretty much just started so it's nice to have people say good things.

    i love your idea about saving per follower gained, i've not seen that before but i reckon it can be done. i'm trying to save up for a good camera too because i'm getting too jealous of my boyfriend's slr. a little digitial camera seems a bit pathetic in contrast!

    glad to find a scouser blogging, i've not got any on here and not got many on tumblr. i'm not from liverpool, i moved year two years ago but this is a place where i can completely see me settling for good. i'm becoming just as fiercely proud as a scouser born and bred! hope you're having a fantastic weekend sweet. xxx

  2. Heyyy lovely. Well you deserve it! I found your blog from a comment on Gem's and I loveddd it so I just had to comment, I had to stop myself from ranting on and on about how happy I was that I found it! I'm not in the slightest new to blogging but I used to never ever comment, and I've found that most people on leave a one-liner, so I don't know if a big fat comment (like I do) is just unacceptable in the bloggersphere. But I was so excited about yours I thought, to hell with it, and so you got a long one. (See, I don't know when to stop :l).

    Yeah! I'm so bad with money, and I couldn't bear putting a big chunk a week away so I thought that the follower thing would be a good idea. I want an SLR! I have wanted one for years but I can't afford one! Lets hope we both eventually get one!

    No offence to my fellow scousers but if they did they'd probably be very scary and orange! (We can say that, because we're both connected to Liverpool and we know that's the truth). Which uni are you at? I moved from L'pool in February and honestly, every time I come home I almost cry every time I get on the coach. It's not even my friends and family I miss, sometimes I just miss the city.

    Thank you so much for following me and commenting, it means a lot. And now I know how nice you are I feel okay to write long comments, so be warned! Ahaha xxx