Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hello, FOREVER21.

I'm sure this post is self explanatory- it is simply my choices from Forever21.

I have recently found out that many share this peculiar little pastime, which is comforting, as it makes me feel less idiotic! But I spend an absolutely absurd amount of time scouring the many clothing sites of the internet creating huge ‘carts’ spilling with clothes and accessories (but mostly shoes- I’ll put my hands up to that) that I would buy in a perfect world where I had money. (To let you get a scale of this bare-inane obsession of mine, I once reached a limit on the River Island site- with the limit at £3000, I know, scary).

It has come to my attention actually recently that many no longer save your lil’ cart of dreams, which is frustrating because then I have to do it all again. So I recently rediscovered the genius that is the Amazon Universal Wishlist, and now I save it all to that (a wish list is more fitting, I think).
Obviously I am aware that many, many “fashion” bloggers post these, and I have been making little ‘boards’ for ages with all my picks from fashion retailers, so I thought I may as well share them on here, as it makes me feel less pathetic about the fact I spend so much of my time doing them! I can now convince myself that it’s actually very productive. It’s for the “Greater good” (how sacrificial of me).

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  1. your blog is lovely. i love forever 21.
    i am now following. i hope you can follow back.

  2. Thank you very much lovely. I have followed back, and I can return the compliment!

    Forever21 is fantastic, I wish they had more shops.